One year ago to the month I signed up for Fabfitfun and I loved my box. You can see all the details of that photo-shoot here. Out of everything in that box I still have the scarf, nail polish, apron and coasters. I ended up cancelling my subscription due to life. Until this June. With the frustrations of my last subscription service I wanted to fall back onto something reliable and this was my choice. Fabfitfun is very carefully laid out. The dates are precise, payments are detailed and customer service is top-level! With cute taglines such as

Subscribe to happy. Delivering the season's best straight to your doorstep

I was super excited to sign up and get my summer box!

You've seen snip bits of everything in here on my snapchat since I've gotten it. But I want to take this time to talk about all the details within! From left to right we have

Summer & Rose Yoga Towel - mine is orange and says "dream big"
Stemulation Daily Micro Derm Scrub
Fabfitfun Everyday Beach Waves Spray
Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream
Betchsicles Ice Pop Molds
Burt's Bees Cleansing Oil Burt's
Bees BB Cream
Fresh First Time $35 Off Coupon
Compeed Blister Cushion
Trina Turk Canvas Tote - mine is orange and says "Vitamin Sea"

First up, let's talk about the addition to

my skin care regime

The Stemulation Daily Micro Derm Scrub and Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream.


I am always nervous to try a new product on my skin especially when I can not return it. My wrists didn't burn or turn red on my test runs of the products so one night I just decided to go for it. My face for the past month has been bumpy and while I've washed it twice a day with Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk, the texture of my face felt off. It wasn't until I use the scrub, that I clued into the fact that my face needs cleaning but sometimes a good scrub is exactly what it's missing! But when I first put this one my face I was shocked, it was rough, the pea size amount I took barely covered half my face and having sensitive skin I worried it would leave my skin feeling burnt. After carefully wiping it off with a wet face cloth I applied the Protection Cream. Within moments I knew the protection cream wasn't enough, my skin wasn't burning it just felt dry, so I add Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil to my eye area and Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturizer to my cheeks, chin and neck.

About two hours later I touched my face and literally stopped in surprise. The bumps were gone, my face was so smooth and silky! I am seriously so happy with the results of that scrub! I definitely would not use it daily, but once a week or so to give my skin a boost, absolutely!! I went to bed, slept well, got up in the morning and washed my face with my Dior Milk and re-applied the Protection Cream. I want to see how it would do when my skin wasn't  freshly scrub and sure enough it makes a great day time lotion! Which I am seriously so happy about!! Let me know if you would be interested in a post on my morning routine. I love seeing morning routines by my favorite vloggers and have debated on doing one for the blog.

Now Beach Waves...

I have straight hair,  it is poker straight unless I do something to it, like curls, pony-tails, bobby-pins and then I get a crimp. I am lucky in the sense that no matter what style I put my hair in it will hold. Which is a problem when showering at night. My hair throughout the night gets crazy crimps and bumps and in general looks terrible the next morning. So when I decided to try this, it was on wet hair, fresh out of the shower and to bed an hour later with still damp hair.

I didn't get beach waves, but my hair was straight and only had minor hair bumps from being slept on. That next morning I had to use the iron on my bangs and otherwise my hair worked! This never happens and now that I've written about it, will never happen again. But I like the smell of the product and that it's very lightweight. Will definitely be trying it out, next time I heat wave my hair to see how it turns out.

And lastly we have the Burt Bees Samples that I didn't take a picture of. Burt's Bees as a brand has always bothered me, but the more I look in to the ethics of make-up, animal testing, branding, and the process. The more I appreciate brands who are consciously aware. I got two samples and I was pretty excited about trying a BB Cream with SPF!! First try I put the whole sample on my face, which was definitely overloading it. It wasn't heavy but it didn't dry in. My test for anything I put on my face is heat and does it melt off? Sure enough this stuff dripped off my face! Which is completely crazy because I have never dripped in my life! I tried again figuring it was just the amount I put on and unfortunately that didn't make the difference. It still melted and I felt like I was constantly brushing it around everytime I touched my face. Which is not something I have had happened with my benefit BB. I am sad this sample didn't work out, but this is literally the only thing that didn't work in the entire box of stuff I got! And that is just awesome. 


Now you may notice I haven't mentioned 4 of the things included in the Fabfitfun bag. Those items have kinda turned into blog posts on their own and you'll get to see them next week!! For today, I'd love to hear your thoughts!! If you have any questions about any of the products listed or future post ideas, let me know in the comments!! XOXO

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