July Intentions
July Intentions

Today brings about conflicting emotions for me. Today is Canada Day in my home country. My friends and family are out and enjoying the celebrations, living life to the fullest. And I'm in America. June was a difficult month in the states. A lot of sad things went down and no change was brought around. I don't have much to say about it, but it's not easy living here and I am struggling greatly with loneliness and a sense of sadness. To help me keep motivated and give me something to look forward to, I set goals and I work hard at achieving them. Which brings me to today's post! Normally I would be doing July's Aspirations. However Jazmine from Fairy Lights and Dreams and I have decided to turn it into a Monthly Goal Collaboration between other bloggers. And here are this months collabers!!

An InLinkz Link-up

If you would like to join, shoot me an email!

On to my goals!

This will be my first fourth of July in American and it's three days away. Our plan is to go downtown around noon and spend the day just exploring and walking. Sit by the lake that night to watch the fireworks and hopefully just take in the happiness of the people.

My goals

- work hard on my blog and reach blogger goals.

- explore Wisconsin Dells

- sit by the pool

- see this country in celebration

Recap on Last Months Goals

Last months work goals went really well! I did so well last month and I want to keep the momentum going through July!

Personal goals also went well! I wrote about our first festival here. And while we were unable to travel, I booked hotels and adventures for September and we have plans in the works for July. Lastly I took lots of pictures, that I am super proud of and went to the Farmers Market almost every week, so many vegetables!!

New Feature

The Highs and The Lows

Highs - completely six months of the 1 Second Video Challenge, editing it and uploading it to Youtube!! Gosh it was a lot of work and let me know your thoughts!! Lows - my sleep has been terrible. I hardly sleep, which leads to hardly eating which leads to lots of emotions, that I'm sure I'll be writing about in a few weeks.

How was your June?

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