June Favorites

Favorite photo I took this month

That feature photo, it's blurry but damn do I love that guy!!

Favorite piece of clothing this month

This T-Shirt. It's soft and comfy and not boring. Well, the front is boring, but the back is an open scoop neckline and sits perfectly no matter how I move! The high front neckline also works great with necklaces as you can see from my favorite picture above, because I wore it a lot this month!!

Favorite program to watch this month

Daredevil. Weirdly enough I could handle it this round. Last time I made it to episode 5 before the violence got to me and this time, no problem. I'm not actually sure if that's a good thing or not. But it's really the only thing I've been watching.

Favorite way I spent my time this month

June Favorites
June Favorites

I've been crazy lonely, so just a full weekend with Kevin was heaven. We took a walks, watched shows, ate breakfast on the patio, napped on the couch. And damn do I miss spending every day together like we did last summer.

Favorite food this month

Rattlesnack Pasta! I don't have a picture of it, but that sunset was taken at the restaurant we got the pasta from.

Favorite event or occasion this month

Shake the Lake! I went out, I took pictures and I had fun! I think spent the next four days recouping, but it was totally worth it!

Favorite song this month

It's between Try Everything by Shakira or Echo by Gorilla. Two different sounds and two songs with different meanings. But I'm enjoying them both.

Favorite thing I’ve use this month

The face scrub from this post or Stemulation Daily Micro Derm Scrub, using it once or twice a week has made a huge difference in my skin and it smells pretty!!

Favorite people of the month

Favorite Blog

Sex, Love and Liberation. This is not a blog for everyone and probably not good for work. The name of the blog should give it away. Sex, Love and Liberation. How I Became A Sexual Woman Through Secret Promiscuity to Five Years Later and the post that lead me to her Why Was This Photo Removed from Instagram. She has a well written, refreshing take on Sex and Love.


Spoken Black Girl - She is just a powerful voice.

I seriously used to defend my fears. It's scary how mental illness can get to feel so familiar.

— spokenblackgirl (@spokenblackgirl) June 30, 2016


I just love this print!

A photo posted by Isaiah Keith Stephens (@isaiahks_art) on May 21, 2016 at 7:31am PDT


Marianna Hewitt and mostly her Travel Vlogs, specifially her trip to Tokyo, Japan #lifegoals. She's beautiful inside and out too!


Amanda, because she has beautiful things to say and is so encouraging. This post is a lot for me. Happy Friday!

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