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Push Up Challenge

122 Days of Yoga, from Jan 1 to May 2 and then I got bored. 21 Day Beach Body Workouts completed twice, February 22 to April 4. Followed by random days of biking and videos.

May the migraine hit and I did nothing until a group I'm in, started a challenge. A challenge of 50 push ups by the end of 30 days!

From 0 to 50 Push Ups in 30 Days

Following a program found on neilarey.com. I got to work. Push Ups are hard. Your body does not care what you want, at one point an elbow is going to give out. Or your wrists are going to snap each push. But the entire month all I could think about was my little brother pounding through to 100 like it was nothing. If he could do it, why couldn't I? So I didn't skip a day. I didn't give up and I kept going. Even now, after the challenge I still do my push ups. I want to push myself to be better and better. It is not an easy challenge. It is not easy to have the correct form and ensure your strengthening the right muscles. The best way to keep myself accountable was to do daily videos of the challenge. At first it was just for the group to help correct my form and get cheered on! But it started to turn into a project for me and something to build on. In a year, where will I be? Will I be able to look back at this video and be proud of my progress or disappointed I didn't keep it up. So here is the debut of my first YouTube video. It's not the best quality as when I started the project I didn't realize I was going to string it all together. But it's made and I am proud of what I was able to accomplish by the end.

What now?

I don't know what direction to go with my workouts. The DVD's are good for small motivation but are not a long-term plan for me. I am doing another challenge and have bought pull up bar to practice on.

Workout Updates
Workout Updates

The biggest thing I thing is my desire to get out of the house. I would love to find a fitness group to join, it would be a great way to meet people with a healthy lifestyle ideal. I am looking at Barre Classes, Boxing or such. But we shall see. For now you've been updated and let me know what you think of my video!

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