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Another round of book reviews. This is my second (maybe third) time reading this series. I received this series 6 or so years ago from a publisher in the UK in exchange for review. And it's definitely the review that keeps on going.

Divine by Mistake by P.C. Cast (Partholon #1)

I received these books many years ago from the publisher. At the time I am not sure what she wanted, because these books were so not my style. And I hated them. I found them full of sex and the character whiny. And while I still find the book full of those two things, I also find that I have grown enough mentally to handle the material better. And with that I really enjoyed the story. Sure Shannon falls in love to quickly and it's creepy that he was "born for her" but they are well suited for each other. Alanna is my favorite character. Next is Victoria and her young soon to be suitor. Something I didn't remember was in the book was the rape. There is a lot of rape happening throughout the story and it's sad. But Shannon does everything she can to protect those she can and save those being hurt. Now for book 2.

Divine by Choice by P.C. Cast (Partholon #2)

I didn't like this one as much as the first one. Mostly because Rhiannon is in it and there are babies. Pregnancy and all that jazz tends to make me tune out. But to get to book three you have to know the store of Clint. Which makes me want to know the story of the tree. And so book 3 begins

Divive by Blood by P.C. Cast (Partholon #3)

This one starts of with my least favorite things. Whiny people and the births of children. I truly thoughts that rereading these, I would see them in a different light then before. But I'm kinda sticking to my original thoughts. The first one was original it was good. The sound had enough things to keep me interested but I tuned out. This one got interesting about 3/4 of the way in and by the I was committed to finishing it. I just didn't like the main character. She was annoying. I am really hoping the last two books in this series is better.

Elphames Choice by P.C. Cast (Partholon #4)

This one is definitely better than books 2 and 3. I would tie my feelings for it with book 1 actually. I enjoyed it very much. Once I got past the prologue, whats with the descriptive birthing scenes?!? Elphame is a great character and she is not whining like all the previous characters. She makes decisions and stands by them. She also is insecure and heeds the advice of others. I like Elphame. The book ended to soon but I am pretty sure it picks up in the next book.

Brighid's Quest by P.C. Cast (Partholon #5)

I honestly thought this would be my favorite of the series. Turns out I was wrong. Elphames Choice was definitely my favorite, then Divine by Mistake, then this book. I honestly finished this a week ago and didn't write a review right away. Because it didn't feel necessary. The ending was semi satisfactory. But what I discovered was that it didn't actually end. It ends in a cliffhanger, something none of the previous books had done. The story of Brighid is most interesting. Her crazy overbearing mother. The way her sister choose to escape it and the direction her brother turned. The healing of another and her process of making her own path. I love how all these books have a very consistent theme, strong woman, with strong support systems but not always in the traditional way. Relationships are important, but not based on physical attraction, but emotional connection.

My biggest issue is these books are old! And I can't find a new release of the story continuation. I like that I am branching out of Young Adult books and more into older stories. I am starting to be able to relate better to books about people my age. Though I still enjoy a good YA book.

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