What was, wasn't
The Porch Swing

What was supposed to be a beach day post isn't

On Wednesday I packed for the beach, so that Thursday I could head down to take pictures, at said beach. But it didn't happen. I walked out of the apartment, down the three flights of stairs, got in my car, loaded up the music and stared at my phone.

What beach? I don't know this area! Where should I go? I suppose I could type beach in the GPS and see where it leads me. And I suppose I will one day do that. Yesterday wasn't that day. Yesterday, I let my heart drive. I threw on my sunglasses, pulled out of the garage and I ended up here on this swing, again.

I keep coming back here. Almost every time I drop Kevin off at work, I sit here for a moment and listen to the birds. The thing is, I don't really think anything when I'm here. There are no inspiring thoughts. It's more of a meditative space. Where I'm peaceful in the moment and just happy with who I am and the person I've become.

And I think that's why I keep ending up back there. I like who I am. I like this moment

The Porch Swing

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