July Favorites
July Favorites

Favorite photo I took this month

I actually can't believe I never posted these photos! I did one on my instagram. But I took these at Kevin's work and the sun was shining in perfectly, caused the right glow on the images. And I just really enjoyed this spot when it's too windy to sit in my swing.

July Favorites

Favorite piece of clothing this month

That shirt above is definitely a current favorite! It's almost long enough to wear it has a dress and I do when I'm home. But it's comfy and light!

Favorite way I spent my time this month

Honestly, I spent most of my time inside blogging. There was one night though when the power went out for 5 hours. And like true nerds we are, we had the computer battery back-up running which allowed us to have internet, my laptop was fully charged. So we light the few candles we had and watched anime. It was perfect and random. We do need to buy a flashlight or lantern for future outages. But it was an interesting night. We realized the power was back on when I was annoyed with my contacts and switched on the bathroom light to remove it!

We also took half a kayaking lesson, which I have mentioned lots!! But it was awesome and I can't wait for the rest of our lesson and hopefully it doesn't get rained out again!

Favorite food this month

So many things to choose from! I've mentioned the pesto here, so today I'll mentioned the Tzatziki sauce, homemade and delicious.

July Favorites
July Favorites

Favorite Post I wrote this month

Killer Green Thumb, which is all about my plants and how I usually kill them all. I already need to do an update on it, because sadly I think Jasper, the peace lily is dying. Follow me on snapchat for updates!!

Favorite song this month

Kill Em with Kindness by Selena Gomez, you can see my post about kindness here. It's been an interesting month of posts that's for sure.

Favorite people of the month


Kat Blaque, I actually also love her YouTube. But this girl is on FIRE and here's what I shared

"Watch content that enriches you" Fab video - STOP SUPPORTING MEDIA TROLLS https://t.co/y5oKiDevur via @kat_blaque

— Angela Tolsma (@clutterboxblog) July 29, 2016

but some of my favorites are this one and this one.


Erica Gerald Mason, I love her layout, her poems, and she's so encouraging.


Philip DeFranco, the latest addition to my YouTube Subscriptions. I like his take on world news and updates and it's short daily videos.


Chel from Oh Chel, seriously this girl is a rockstar and I'm girl crushing on her!

July Favorites

And I'll end with one more of my favorite photos of me reading! What are your favorites??

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