The Search for Understanding Update

The Search for Understanding Update

A year ago I had a post series called The Search for Understanding. The point of the project was to reread through the Bible and talk through my thoughts and feelings through it. I stopped posting mid way through Genesis partial because it was hard doing one chapter at a time but mostly because the need to explore this left me. For years I felt a desire to go back through the books of the Bible I read as a child and make sense of the things I was taught. That was the goal of this project. I stopped blogging it because that process was too slow for me. I finished Genesis and skipped to Proverbs, then Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I read them quickly all within a three-day period and found my memories to be pretty accurate. Except now I had the language for it. It started with skepticism, when I was nine. My biggest frustration with religion is that the leaders I grew up with did not want questions, or they only want a particular type of question. Even if I had been brave enough to ask my questions, I would have been told to shut up, stop questioning my faith, and read more.

I'm a pretty emotional person but I love logic and logic appeals to me. Once I get over the initial emotional feelings of a situation, logic takes over and there must be reasons for things. I understand that, even today, there will always be unanswered questions. But as science has proven, questions we had 1000 years ago can be answered with study, understanding, and discussion. There is minimal logic in the Bible and this has led me to the conclusion that god is man's greatest invention. My original questions that I went to the Bible for were answered and future questions were not going to be found in a book written by man two thousand years ago.

This is not meant as an attack on anyone's beliefs. I do believe that some people need the idea of god to make it through life and that it can be a healthy experience for them. I also know many people who went through far worse experiences than mine that still believe in a greater power's existence. I am happy that they have something to comfort them and cry out to when they have need. I respect those who believe and all I ask in return is for the same respect.

My personal journey has led me to the person I am today. It has led to the end of this project. The interesting thing is that, as people, we are always growing and evolving. Please keep the comments kind.

In the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, the thing that struck me most was

"What, if anything, would ever change your mind?"

Ken Ham's response was "Nothing" and Bill Nye's response was "Just one piece of evidence."

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