September Intentions

September Intentions
September Collabers

Welcome to Monthly Intentions Blogger Collaboration!! This is where like-minded bloggers get together during the first few weeks of the month, share their goals and support each other throughout the month in accomplishing those goals!! If you are interesting in joining the collab, let me know!! Also check out these lovely ladies after reading this post!

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August Intentions Recap

- Get out once a week to a new area and take pictures - I did get out, but not weekly and not to a new area. But I did get out. Those pictures will be coming throughout the month

- Enjoy the dells - we didn't end up going. The day we were suppose to go come and everyone wasn't feeling it. We were all tired and just wanted to do nothing, so that's what we did.

- Kayaking class and Rock Climbing - we did both! Kayaking was amazing and lovely and seriously I would totally go every morning if I could. Sadly I can't but I wish I could, maybe one day!! Rock Climbing was also an adventure. We did go and it was a weird disappointment. I forgot how much heights bothered me, which is fine but what really got us was the environment wasn't what we wanted and it's a half hour drive out of our zone. So unfortunately it's not something we'll be doing often. But I am so glad we went!

- Continue with blog momentum - the irony of this. My Post on Body Shame took me by surprise, I wasn't going to write it, topped with some personal things. I just fully crashed. So with that I took a break. I stepped away from all things social media related and paused. And you know what it was good for me.

August Highs and Lows


The Highs

There's so many!!
- Kayaking
- Starting to run again
- Making pasta sauce and salsa for the first time
- Being able to go on Kevin's work trip with him
- Becoming an Aunt again
- Buying some amazing books
- Traveling, lots and lots of traveling!

The Lows

- 5 day migraine

- The loss of my blog momentum

- Having to send some tough emails

- Lots and lots of anxiety

September Intentions

My Intentions for September

- Enjoy every moment with my sister and Gramma - Take lots of pictures with the two of them - Enjoy Minneapolis, the Dells, Taste of Madison

I also want to run, enjoy good food, write some amazing posts, not feel overwhelmed, read, embrace the sun and enjoy the last moments of summer. August was full of so many highs and lows, the emotions of it was exhausting. Having a balanced month would be lovely. Fingers crossed I can make that happen.

What are your goals for the month?

Email me and join the collab, it's open till the 15th!!

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