My Favorites from August
My Favorites from August

The best thing we watch last month was

Stranger Things, jumping on the horror bandwagon was a scary! BUT this is the right kind of horror type show to watch. A great story with a slow build up. Well done cinema. We enjoyed it and we watched it slowly. One episode a night. Can't wait for season two.

My favorite photo and fun editing for August was this

I had so much fun editing this photo and of course immediately wanted to do it to a ton of others! But it doesn't work for every kind of photo! This one worked and I love how it turned out! (I learned how to do this here!)

My Favorites from August
My Favorites from August

there's also the picture of Kevin and I, that I used for the feature image. We just were chilling out, chatting after he come home from work one night and suddenly we realized it was 11:30 at night. He got home 5:30! The picture is full of memories, good conversation and time well spent.

Favorite way I spent my time this month

Reading. I spent a lot of timing reading. Which is something I haven't been doing much of lately. But I felt lost and unprepared for a situation I would be finding myself in soon and so I picked up a few books to help prepare me. This is also when I took my blogging break. It was really helpful in stabilizing my mental state. I think the best part of this is the acknowledging that I needed help, asking for it and getting it. Not only did I get help but the relieve the help brought is what ended my 5 day migraine and bad sleep cycle. It helped clear my mind and made me feel like I could conquer the world again. I will definitely be writing blog posts on the books I picked up. It's strange that I choose reading as my favorite thing because I did a ton of amazing thing this month; kayaking, traveling. But emotional, reading is what made the biggest difference.

Super Favorite Drink

Is the super charged smoothie from Panera. It's saved me from not eating a few times these past few weeks. Food is the last thing I want when I'm a disaster like mentioned above, but food really helps to deal with those emotions. So finding something that would help keep my stomach happy was awesome.

With the Super drink comes with super food

The Smoothie Bowl

August Favorites

To see the finished product, go here. But I have been making lots of smoothie bowls (another one here). They are filling and easy to make. Plus they just make me happy!

Favorite song this month

Fire by Gavin DeGRaw

We are the champions
Setting it off again
Oh we on fire
We on fire
Running our own campaign
Doing the whole shebang
Oh we on fire
We on fire

Get up, stand up, throw your hands up
Welcome to the other land of
Dreamers brothers sisters others
Yeah we on fire like that  

Oh the bond is deeper than skin
The kind of club that we're in
The kind of love that we give
Oh ever since the dawn of mankind
We all belong to a tribe
It's good to know this one's mine

My last favorite for the month of August is

A Little Human

She's  a wee little one, who I have not yet met outside of skype calls. My niece Alice was born August 18. She's precious and much-loved as is her older brother Sam and her awesome parents. I'm sad that I have to wait a year to met her in person. So any ideas for being a long distance Aunt let me know!!

How was your August?

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