Taste of Madison
Taste of Madison

When there's a food event, you betcha we'll be there! We love to try new foods and the best time to try them is when you can get the sample size for a fraction of the price!

Taste of Madison does exactly that!

Years ago, Kevin and I went to Calgary's version and found it to be very expensive, but still a lot of fun. And while I won't say this was any cheaper I would definitely say it was bigger. But we also had the chance to bring people along with us and that always makes the experience better!

Foods we tried

People's Bakery - Baklava

I love love Baklava, so I was so excited to find it! The pieces were massive and I got two to split between all of us. Gramma and Eliah had never had it, so I hope they both enjoyed it.

David’s Jamaican Cuisine - Jerk Chicken W/ Rice & Beans

Definitely Kevin's pick. Was interesting and I think we will try this restaurant for dinner one night.

The Rigby Pub and Grill - Bacon Queso Mac n Cheese

My pick and absolutely favorite! It was so hard to not go back and get more.

Natural Juice - Strawberry Banana

Gramma's Pick and a super refreshing one at that. I was not allergic to it, which was a concern. I think I would check them out when I am craving a smoothie and near their end of town.

La Taguara - Churros

Kevin's pick, they were a little hard but sooo yummy!

Gray's Tied House - Deep Fried Cheese Curds

Kevin's pick, by this point I was so done and though I tried one I don't remember what it tasted it like. But everyone else loved it and I think we are going to have to go to Gray's to try these out!

Taste of Madison
Taste of Madison
Taste of Madison

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