Minnesota Adventures
Minnesota Adventures

With Guests visiting, Kevin and I spent a lot of time in Minnesota and as such we got to do some exploring in some unique places. The first being the

2016 Minnesota Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival

The thing with festivals, you have to go with the right people. Kevin and I are not the right people. We are serious, we don't get over excited and we are very quiet. Festivals are loud, rambunctious, full of energy, craziness and if you get the right crowd can be so damn fun.

What you get with us, is a quiet walk, observing the crowd, enjoying the sights. What you should get is the experience of the life of the crowd, for example this picture. After taking it the guy met my eye, and started posing boisterously and those are the pictures Eliah got. Normally I want the natural poses the unobserved perspective. But at a festival - the louder the better. I feel like when taking Gramma and Eliah to the festival they missed out on huge aspects of the environment because they went with us, vs people who do the experience better.

Going to a festival should be an adventure, a story, not just something you did. In this case, it just something we did. One day I'd like to go again, but make it an adventure and I hope that Eliah also gets to go again but with the right people so she can have the adventure. In any case, I did get some fun pictures

A weird thing to be found at the festival however, was Elephant and Camel rides. With any type of animal thing I do have to take a moment to wonder about the treatment of said animal. There isn't much information to be found on their website and I find it hard to believe that five elephants could be kept as pets. I find it interesting though how I would rather pretend I didn't notice them then have a hard conversation with myself about it. The same could be said about me eating meat as well. It does make me thing that I will have to one day sit down and address my feelings about these topics and take measures.

The next thing we did, after dropping our guest off at the airport was

Sea Life - Mall of America

Oh gosh, this was so expensive but so beautiful! Now this doesn't make me have conversations like the paragraph above. Because it's about preservation of life. A lot of the information shared was about sharks and how they are becoming endangered and why. My favorite interactive piece was what kills more humans in a year with 6 different answers, sharks, beds, lightening, dogs and two other things being the options. Sharks, having the lowest death rate. The death rate by dogs was actually surprising.

Besides the information on the sharks, what I enjoyed the most was the stingrays! I wasn't going to do video but watching back the little I did record, I realized that I could have sat there and watched them all day long. Put on a peaceful soundtrack and just watched them play. They are unique little creatures. So here is the little recording I did do, plus a song I would have wanted to listen to at the time and I hope you enjoy it.

If we could have, I would have also paid to pet them, but they were mating. Maybe that's why they were so playful?

My favorite picture, can be found on my instagram. But this is a close second.  Have you ever been to either of these? And would you go?


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