The Appleberry Farm

Maybe it's because I'm not working, but we have done so many fun and interesting things since moving to Madison then we did in the first 4 years of living in Calgary. It took Kevin and I until year 4 to really explore the city and get out there. But I feel that is not the case here. It could also be because we got use to being able to go out and do things in Calgary, so now we look for things to do here. But either way, I love finding new adventures and

The Appleberry Farm

is indeed an adventure.

The Appleberry Farm

Did you ever as a kid go out to an Orchard and pick fruit? I know I did, mostly because my Grandparents took care of the properties found on massive orchards in BC and whenever we visited them, we got to see the big mansions and pick the fruit, usually peaches. But I have very few actual memories of this happening, I just know it did. So to be have the ability to go again was and is exciting for me and I hope to make it something we do often. We went as a group.

We walked, we talked, we explored the orchard. Much too fast in my opinion. But they were there to pick and I was there to see. I did take a bag, but I think I picked 4 apples, one of which I ate. Kevin eventually just added mine to his bag.

I just can't get over the green, the trees, the mud. The smell of freshly cut grass, the sounds of birds and the beauty of Wisconsin. It's just so very different from what I grew up with on the farm. The farm you were afraid of the wind, because it could have sand in it, that would burn your skin off and your mouth full of grit and eyes like sandpaper. Here the breeze is a gentle caress of moisture going softly by, bringing you the scents of sweet apples or rain. My descriptions will never do it just and for that I am sorry.

A huge part of me wants to go back to this Orchard by myself so I can take my camera, my book and just wander around. I wonder if they would let me? But I know there are other Orchards to explore to, so maybe I should see those first and pick my favorite to go back to.

I'd love to hear your experiences Apple Picking! Leave them below

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