October Intentions - Blogger Collab
October Intentions

Welcome to Monthly Intentions Blogger Collaboration!! Where like-minded bloggers get together during the first few weeks of the month, share their goals and support each other throughout the month in accomplishing those goals!! If you are interesting in joining the collab, let me know!! Be sure to check out my follow collabers below!

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My Intentions for September Recap

monthly intentions

– Enjoy every moment with my sister and Gramma. I did, in fact you can see my recap with my third goal! I am so happy they came! I wish I could have kept my sister longer! Maybe next summer I can keep her for the whole summer (if she wants)!

– Take lots of pictures with the two of them. I also took a lot of pictures! Though I hardly used my camera. I mostly took pictures on my phone because I didn't want to lug my camera around and I forgot to charge it. This is the first time I have ever forgotten to charge my camera and that is a weird thought!

Enjoy Minneapolis, the Dells, Taste of Madison Those are all clickable links! Because we enjoyed each and every one of them, so much so they all deserved their own post. It was a great month.

September Highs and Lows

The Highs

My sister and Gramma - obviously! The fact that we could experience so much with them! It was a good vacation.

The Lows

Some negative conversations that I had. I had forgotten how negative some people can be and I don't surround myself by that type of behavior anymore. I don't miss it. Not only that it's not very good for the self-esteem, the body positive, the body's health or your mindset. I am a very emphatic person so it's really hard to hear all that negativity and not internalize it all.

October Intentions

My Intentions for October

Enjoy my time with Kevin's Parents! Take lots of Pictures. Explore new areas of the country with them as well. Keep up with my blog and blog content even with guests here. Read 4 books - there once was a ten when this goal would have been ten or twelve.

It's crazy how my intentions for this month almost mimic my intentions for last month. But this time I want to expect more of myself. Because I know I can do more. I love having guests! I'm going to be sad when they stop coming to visit for another year.

What are your intentions for the month of Spooky?

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