Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

There's that moment when all you want to do is spend a quiet moment with the person you treasure the most. Just so that you can rest your heart, feel safe and not hurt anymore. Sometimes you can't make that happen, you have an obligation, life gets in the way, you're tired. But sometimes you get that moment and it makes the world okay again. I am so thankful for those little moments. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Kevin's Dad left on Saturday. We had an amazing time, I miss him already. I miss his Mom, I miss my friends, my family. I miss the traditions we started where we use to live, the pies I use to make and the people who use to eat them.

We've been here a year now. It was a year on September 30th. The insanity of what we've done, is still pretty fresh. The happiness we've found is also still pretty fresh. And while I miss people, I don't miss working, or the place, though city life is great the quietness of here is lovely. Life is amazing here and I'll take those quiet moments with Kevin and share pies with new people. Together we'll stretch our wings and have new adventures and it's gonna be awesome.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving my beautiful friends in celebrating today

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