Wisconsin To Do List

Wisconsin To Do List

Way back in November I made a random list of things I wanted to do in Wisconsin. At that time we'd barely been here a month and I had barely left the house. I figured now was a good time to see what we've done since. See the original post here!

The "Find" List

I've had success finding - Doctor, Dentist, Eye Doctor, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Hair Stylist, Library. I've also found a massage therapist, nail salon, and pharmacist!

Food - Restaurants

I've written about Culvers and Quivery's Grove. The only other place we've been to on the original list is Basset Street Brunch Club and my review is so mini I'm including it here, instead of in a separate post.

We were told this was the best breakfast place in town. And so we took the 1 1/2 hour wait time. Was the food good? Yes, absolutely. I enjoyed my pancakes, they were crispy, well done, and reasonably priced. For three people we spent $35. However the menu was lacking in options for someone like me who doesn't want eggs or bacon or sugar. I could have ordered a bunch of sides but I always feel like an ass doing that. I just don't know if I would go back. There are better breakfast places we've been too.

Places we've eaten that weren't on my original list

Pancake Cafe

When I want sugar, their triple sec crepes are delicious and amazing, with a side of sausage of course!!

Short Stack Eatery

This one I am definitely taking guests too when they come! I loved this little shop and should really go back for a hot coco!!


We have gone too

Woodmans - great for toilet paper, paper towel, etc
Target - great for small dinner ideas
Seafood Center - way too expensive

But haven't been to

The Conscious Carnivore
Pick N’ Save

My favorite place that wasn't on my list, is Whole Foods and that's where I usually end up. It's generally more expensive, but I the quality of the place. We also get weekly veggies delivered through Community Supported Agriculture. Which is amazing and is not something we could get in Canada. We heard about it through a friend, Kevin met through work. There will be a post next week about this box!!

The "Do" List

You'll have to check out the original list for everything that's on it. I'm only updating things that I've made notes on since the original post went live.

Buy a Car

Success! We bought a Toyota Scion iM and you can read all about it here. Little Pascal is my co-pilot.

Take a walk along State Street

look for Opera Soap - Success! Not only did I find Opera Soap. Bought I bought myself 9 bath bombs and two for friends. And while I prefer the Lush Oil Bombs I still really enjoyed these and their shop was wonderful to walk through. This street though takes days and hours to explore and I am not even close to being done yet!

Visit an orchard and pick something yummy

YES! We went to The Appleberry Farm! Though I still want to visit Sutters Ridge and Door Creek Orchard.

Attend Taste of Madison

YES! And it was lovely!

Have a coffee at Crescendo Cafe

We went and spent the morning there. It's right across from Trader Joes. Kevin had a bottomless decaf and I had 20 oz of Hot Chocolate. I had the Treehugger sandwich made without the egg and Kevin had the sausage muffin, both were yummy. The Coco was okay but nothing I'd go back for. The atmosphere was wonderful. I definitely want to keep checking out coffee shops, because this wasn't my perfect one but it was definitely a good one to check out. I posted a photo of on instagram!

Attend a Roller Derby match

Kinda, we saw the excitement while at Shake the Lake. And I am still debating on whether or not I should brave lessons in this area or boxing. Which would you do??

Wisconsin Dells

Originally I had written Noah's Ark Waterpark, but I found a deal at Mt. Olympus and that's where we ended up. I'm sure the other one is just as awesome, but we had a blast at Olympus and I'm glad we went!

House on the Rock

House on the Rock

This was an interesting place to go! You can read about it here. This picture is part of that adventure.I think for we've done pretty well the past year in accomplishing the things on my list!! I am excited for what another year in the states will bring!! And WOW it's been a year!!

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