My Favorites from September and October

There have been so many amazing things from September and October that I didn't want to do a traditional favorites post as I have done in the past. Instead of focusing on the big things that happened, lets talk about the weird things.

My favorite thing I stopped doing - working out.

Now why is that a favorite? I enjoy working out, in fact I miss it so much! I love feeling my body get stronger, I love pounding through 50 pushes and working towards 100. I know that I'll be restarting back at 1. But as it turns out, I needed a break. My mind did a lot of working and stressing. I'm an over-thinker and worrier, removing workouts from the equation for the past two months, was one less thing I had to think about. It was one less thing I had to work into my time frame when guests were around. I've started again with my 30 Day Yoga Challenge (YEAH day 7!) but I needed that time off!

My favorite thing for food - our Veggie delivery.

WHY? It made life easy when it came to meal planning. Mostly because I had already spent months working out what to do with all the food we receive, that we had favorite things to eat and I could just wipe everything together. I didn't have to go grocery shopping except for meats. It also saved us money from eating out constantly and meant our guests got to try new things. Simply put it I didn't have to think, it was just there and that was awesome.

My favorite planning - appointments.

In August I just booked appointments not really thinking about what was happening in the next two months. So when those appointment times came around I was so relieved. My nails always looked good throughout the month, because I never missed an appointment. I also had two appointments for massages, one after each guest left, which was perfect timing because it that meant we would have just arrived home after spending crazy amount of time driving. The highway from Madison to Minneapolis is rough, you can not put your head against the head rest at all (at least I couldn't without getting motion sick) and Chicago was just insane. The massages worked out all the stress from those drives. 

Favorites from Sept and Oct

My favorite ways of de-stressing


I watched a lot of Alice Red. Her Channel is seriously my favorite, she has so many videos I can relate to, that are edited to how I feel. If that makes sense. Some of my favorites are

I'm Fine... Really
Coping with Anxiety
Feeling like a Fraud 
Thoughts on Empathy My Photography 2012-2015
Reading Old Diaries
Thoughts on Being 25

What's also strange is the fact that I now follow Alice on all social media and have been slowly making my way through all her older content. So when I see something I like I'll tweet it out. And then she'll respond! That's scary and strange because I kinda feel like a stalker but I'm not. I just appreciate the content she puts out there and want to share it with everyone I know.


I took Jasmine Star's #Insta180 Challenge and next year will sign up for her course! I am so happy to be back to working on my blog full time! It's time to get in gear and make amazing things happen!


Kevin and I blitz through all 4 season of BBC Sherlock, can not wait for the next season! Also #supernatural


I started following body-positive people, vs some of the people I had followed. AKA I cleaned up who I followed so that I would have a better positive message and not get so much negativity through Snapchat. This list was super helpful in finding good people to follow

Favorites from Sept and Oct

And lastly I took sometime to myself.

My loneliness hit a high peak on the one year anniversary of us being in the states. Here I am surrounded by men. There are no woman I am friends with, at least nearby and I felt that deeply. I spent a week holed up in my bedroom writing long letters to beautiful treasured girlfriends and spending hours skyping with different beautiful women. The men here understood that something was wrong but the thing is there's nothing they can do about it. It's only something I can change.

The past two months have taught me that some changes need to happen in our lives and that we can not continue doing what we were doing. It worked for then but now we need something more. I'm not sure yet what that something more will look like. But I'm excited for it and I hope you'll follow along.

Happy Monday Darlings!

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