Chicago Planetarium and Education

Chicago Planetarium and Education
Chicago Planetarium
I'm sitting on a bench on the first floor of the Chicago Planetarium. The first floor is full of displays on the Apollo 13 moon landing and return adventure as well as a huge section dedicated to our solar system. I have walked through it but now sit on this bench overwhelmed by emotions. In fact this trip has been full of emotions. Its been sensory overload, between the people, the noise, the lights, I'm hurting from the mass impact of it all.
I am watching Kevin and his Dad walk and read every single thing to do with plants, they discuss each one, share information, chat with the people around them. It's exciting for them to add to their knowledge.


I know nothing about them individually. I hardly know the basics of earth. My lack of education and understanding comes out massively in environments like this. The fact that I get so easily overwhelmed makes it even harder to utilize the education I could find within the Planetarium. My knowledge is so lacking that I am missing core basics that it skips over because it assumes you know.

There's the moon. I have no memories of my mother's opinion. But my father's is pretty clear in my mind - government conspiracy. Whenever he ranted, my child and later teenager mind tuned out and only thought about ways to get away. But here, in this building I am surrounded by scientific fact and it's mind-blowing, interesting stuff. But it's so hard to overwrite 18 years of rhetoric rantings of religious fanatics.

And this is only the first floor.

The last time I wrote about homeschooling I told you my history. Recently I had a discussion about homeschooling with a friend on Facebook. It was an interesting discussion because all the comments were for it and then there was me. It's not that I'm against homeschooling, it's more that I am very for, regulated homeschooling. I want laws and strict procedures around those laws. I want bad things to happen to those who break those laws. The laws in the province where I grew up are changing and that makes me happy. I know some of the people who have fought for this change. A lot of people are afraid of this change. My biggest question is how are they going to prevent people from slipping under the radar and not following the rules. From personal experience I know how easy it is to lie to the facilitators that come out to check the eval sheets.

The thing is I want changes for the public system too. It's far from perfect, it's crowded and teachers are overwhelmed. You have poor neighbors underfunded and rich neighbors not sharing. No matter what there is no perfect system for educating children. You have to do what's right for you and your family. I don't have children, I don't get to tell you what's right for you to do. Just like I don't get to tell you what's right for your body.

What I do believe in is the idea of

"It takes a Village to raise a Child"

A child with many different role models, different opinions will grow up into a well-balanced adult with a good head on their shoulders. That's what I took from this discussion on Facebook. Being exposed to different kinds of people, beliefs and cultures will allow one to root down and discover what they truly people. Sheltering and hiding children from the world will create people who can not handle anything different from themselves and we create a continuous circle of no-tolerance. It harms them and it harms you.

But what I would really like to do is your opinion?

And BTW these are the planets I could name without looking them up are

Earth Mars Jupiter Venus Uranus Neptune

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