Welcome to My Crazy

Welcome to My Crazy

When I am stressed, I tend to reacted in strange ways

For example, my last year of working my standard 9 to 5 job, I found myself in a very tense situation. Which lead to me letting the house go, I stopped cooking and cleaning. When I got home, I'd make it to the bedroom and go to sleep. I'd barely function in social events choosing to sleep during than be present. Kevin took care of everything, he learned to fully run the house, which for someone who didn't grow up cleaning this was a lot to manage and he did exceedingly well. My work space however was the complete opposite. After every meeting my desk was wiped down and put back to order. Everything had its spot with perfect alignment, to the point that within my last two months I was pulling out a ruler to space everything perfectly. The reason - work was uncontrollable. It was spiraling in ways I couldn't handle and so I handled my environment to the smallest details. At home I didn't need to worry about that because my partner was there for me.

Now that I'm not working

My stress has dropped to manageable levels and for the most part I am fine. Occasionally I find myself in a situation where uncontrollable things happen, but overall I am learning to better manage. Now I have very precise routines that keep me functioning and I try very hard to keep these. I have shown you some of this in my morning routine post. Weekends however are where things get a little wonky, mostly because Kevin is home and he throws my mornings off. The morning routine really sets how the rest of my day goes and without it I find myself grumpy and off-balance. We are working on finding a good balance on the weekends and it'll come with time.

Today I want to talk about my little tendencies, that help me manage my stress and keep me organize. It's the weird things, the things that most people don't do and notice that I do. The things, that when done wrong, get me upset and frustrated until corrected. I wanted to talk about these because I've noticed my tendencies are getting stronger as time goes on. I don't know if it's because I'm home so much or if it's my way of handling the overwhelming onslaught of emotions I've had to deal with the past two years. I'd be curious about your thoughts and see if you have any of these tendencies.

The first thing is our kitchen

The plates, bowls, and mugs, that we've had for years, are half are black and half are white. They must always be stacked alternating colors. Never two colors side by side.

The cutlery, organized according to what it is and size, in the drawer and dishwasher. The drawer isn't the unusual part but the dishwasher is. Originally I thought it was just for convenience but now it bothers me to not have it organized like this.

Welcome to my Crazy

Next is my cutting boards. I have one set aside for meat and the rest is for veggies and don't you dare mix those up. I do this for no reason other than I think it's better to keep meat separate from veggies until it's cooked. I keep it separate everywhere else, why not here?

The living room

Does anyone else have a hate for TV remotes? I put them under the TV and Kevin never finds them. He leaves them on the couch and I'm constantly sitting on them or we can't find them because they are lost in the cushions and we have to pull the couch apart to look for them. The solution was to buy a tray and slide it under the couch. It's not perfect but it's functional. Eventually, I will find a coffee table that will work how I want it and this will solve all the problems!

The Office

It's probably due to the amount of hours I spend in here but this space has a place for everything and there are rules for its functionality! The only space I don't touch is Kevin's desk, in which case I am thankful for the keyboard tray as it hides most of his stuff (not that he is messy) and the top is covered with electronics. My desk is another story, it's changed a bit since my office tour, but it's basically the same. It's less about what the space looks like and more about my habits around it. Every time I get up, I clean everything on my desk. I wipe it down so often, especially when windows are open, that it reminds me a lot of when I was working. Except this time, I don't have the excuse of dirty clients (not that my clients were dirty, but you know...). This worries me a bit because my office space and having it slightly out-of-order should not stress me out as much as it does.

And lastly


This is less of an issue in this apartment because I have my own bathroom and I don't use the main one. So when we have company over and they leave the toilet lid up, I usually don't notice. Now take a step back there and read that again, you'll notice I said lid and not seat. I'm one of the weird people who wants the seat and lid fully closed after every use. Personally I think bathrooms look more aesthetically pleasing when the lid is down versus up. It's like walking into a bathroom with this dirty gaping hole staring up at you, ummm no thank you, put that lid down!

But that's just me. What are your thoughts?

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