December's Intentions

December's Intentions

Let's do a quick recap on November before jumping into my favorite month of the year!


My Goal was 3 Non-Fiction and I read

The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart by Lauren DeStefano Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

I reread

The Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStafano Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

I gave up on

Big Magic - one day I'll go back to it but for now I'm putting it aside.

I am currently reading

Big Girl How I gave up dieting & got a life by Kelsey Miller


The goals were Stick to my calendar Research StumbleUpon Write and take pictures

All these I feel were successful. I have StumbleUpon (follow me here!) and it is weird, it is far more useful than Pinterest. My biggest win though was writing this post and pushing my boundaries, even if the pictures did turn out blurry.


30 day yoga challenge Track my eating

We didn't successfully do yoga everyday but we do manage 23 or so, days out of the month. Simply put it felt good and we need a plan for more moving forward. Tracking my eating also was not successful (Hello Thanksgiving) but overall I am happy I did. I don't track because I'm dieting. I track because I forget to eat, if I don't.


Find two events to go to this month Do a no electronics night Host a movie or game night

The first event I went to was Patrick Rothfuss and he was wonderful. The rest of the month was full of going to markets every weekend and exploring. We did so many events that the no electronics night no longer felt necessary. So, in typical fashion, we did a video game night instead. And the last one I'll talk about in my lows.

December Intentions - The Christmas Hat

The Lows

In October's post I mentioned us quitting D&D. This month we met with some of the people from that group for American Thanksgiving (it's just wrong celebrating on a Thursday...). It made me realize how much I was not able to handle the negative that was present. I am not positive person, though I am striving to change that, my blog is my life and while it is not "work" in the traditional sense and I can take breaks as I need to, it is still work. I tired of defending it and I am irritated with myself for not holding maintaining what blogging actually is. The whole day was a massive expensive disappointment and one we will not be repeating.

The Highs

We bought new computers!! One for each of us and that is so exciting! This has been a long time coming. We've been working towards this and it's so nice to finally be able to do it! Of course the second we made the purchase we realized all the other things we needed to also get - new speakers, keyboards, mice, extra monitors and chairs! But it's a start.

December is one of my favorite months. People are generally super happy during this time of year. They are giving, kind and wear less perfume (not sure why but I find this to be true during this time of year). It's also my birthday at the end of the month, but I'll get to that in future posts. I have been posting very heavy topics as of late and I am excited to be spend the next month light-hearted. I don't know if it will fully happen, I haven't written all the posts, but it's a goal and I hope you'll join me!

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December Intentions - The Christmas Hat

My Intentions for the Month of December

Start with this Christmas Hat! I am doing a themed month and I am so excited for it! I haven't done a themed month for years. It's going to be such a challenge! The idea is basically every picture is to have this hat in it somewhere. Kevin bought this for me during his first working Christmas at Best Buy and I've worn it every year since. It's one of my favorite things to pull out during the holidays. However, since I no longer work a traditional job I've been trying to figure out ways of still wearing it. I use to wear it everyday from December 1st right up to Christmas Eve and now I'm just going to do that for the blog! Here's what else I plan to do for the month.


1 non-fiction book 3 fiction books 4 podcasts


Christmas hat challenge Take Snow Pictures


Yoga challenge continuing Track eating


Wear my Christmas hat Find Pascals Christmas hat Get a real tree Send out Chocolates

I hope to see you throughout the month!!

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