Hello Beautiful December

Last December, I wrote

It’s a beautiful and terrible moment to be alive. There are so many sad things happening in the world at the moment and I want to bring forth a moment of peace and inspiration to my world and hopefully yours.

Did I bring a moment of peace and inspiration into my life?

Yes! You can see it in my blogging and my social media. The works I've shared over the past year have evolved and grown. When I wrote my social media bio, I wanted to write something short that described me and came up with this:

Lifestyle and Authentic Blogger. Canadian Living in Wisconsin.

I truly wanted to embrace the word "authentic", but had no idea what that meant. I understand the definition of authenticity but what exactly does that mean when applied to the blogging world? When I started blogging (ten years ago) it was an online journal and was treated as such. You wrote your day-to-day and shared that. The culture of blogging has changed drastically over the past 5 years and I am struggling to find my place in that world while sticking to my true self. I will never be the type of person to create something to sell (besides maybe my photos) and I am not interested in writing posts about SEO. While I love seeing my numbers increase, I also like the idea of being small and connecting on a personal level with my followers. I want to know them deeply, become friends and create community. I hate being superficial and I fear getting bigger would do that.

Hello Beautiful December

This year has tested me greatly. I have written posts that have been emotional draining, but so rewarding. When those posts sat unpublished, they were heavy and suffocating. Hitting that publish button was freeing. The weight was lifted and, with every typed worded, I have healed. I have matured so much in this past year that I find myself unrecognizable to the person I was a year ago. That weight, healing, and growth has all been laid out for you to see. I think I have been as authentic as I could be and that makes me proud. 

This gives me hope

Hope, because I know I can always write with honesty and be who I am; I don't have to hide. This month I am choosing to focus purely on the goodness of human beings. There is so much uncertainty right now, stress levels are insanely high, violence runs rampant. I am fearfully for my friends, their lives, and my future in the states. I am an atheist, there is no god coming to save us. We are the only ones who have the power to save ourselves. I am going to get discouraged. I am going to have bad days. My anxiety is going to be crippling. But, I still believe that it is a beautiful moment to be alive and I have this place to write about it all.

Did I bring a moment of peace and inspiration into your life?

I hope so! The comments I have gotten over the past year have been so encouraging and have helped me so much. They have given me inspiration to create even more and I hope it's a continuing circle.

I'm a lifestyle blogger, covering deep subjects including body images, battles with food, and overcoming how I was raised. I try to be as authentic as possible and I don’t sugar coat how I see things.