Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree

I want to celebrate Christmas. The last time I wanted to celebrate Christmas was so many years ago I can't even give you a rough estimate. But this year, there's no pressure, it's just Kevin, me, a few Skype dates and that's it. No pressures, no obligatory Christmas parties, we don't have to buy presents unless we want to and it's perfect. It's wonderful and I am so happy. I am bursting with happiness. All I want to do is spread happiness.

First I am going to buy myself a real live Christmas Tree

This might not seem like a big deal, but I have never had a real tree. I am allergic to anything with sap. Trees, plants, freshly cut grass - plant life has always been the bane of my existence. Tropical plants have been a life saver when bringing plant life inside my house. Even though having a real tree might stop me from breathing in my own house, I wanted one! Monday night Kevin and I went down to a parking lot and picked out a tree, sure this isn't as exciting as cutting it down ourselves but neither of us were ready for a trip to the forest. We put it into the back of the car, unwrapped I might add, and went to target to find a base to place it in. Target, of course, was sold out and my back seat is covered in pine needles, but I have a tree!

Oh Christmas Tree

We got home to two ginormous packages sent from Kevin's sistera. One make shift tree stand later, along with opening the boxes and Christmas had exploded.

The explosion has just continued to fill me with glee and excitement! October and November were rough months depression wise and I am so thankful to for Kevin's family for acknowledging that and sending such an amazing package full of goodies. The hardest part will be waiting for Christmas Day! I am so happy to have started the month of writing about happy things!

It's your turn now

What's your Christmas Tree tradition?

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