Winter White

Step outside and the world is white. It can softly float around you, making the sun brighter, and the cold bitter. Enjoy that moment, soon enough the breeze comes swirling taking loose tuffs of snow up and around you, making your eyes water from the sheer power of it all. The city noise can be deafening. The screech of tires as it tries to stop on a ice patch before coming to a stop just centimeters from the vehicle in front of it. The laughter of people exiting the bar down the street, bundled in warm winter coats, scarves, and tuques.

Winter Whites

Take a few steps further and you're in the trees. Pass the first bridge and you are deep enough now that those city noises are over taken by the silence of the tall trees surrounding you. Every inch is covered in white powder, no place sits untouched by winters harshness. Then you spot it, a glimpse of green. A few leafs still cling to a single tree overhanging the small creek frozen over. The leafs refuse to give into to winter's call and remind us that spring is coming even on cold bitter days.

Winter Whites

My top goal this December was to head out in the snow and take some snow photos. I picked the day after a fresh snow, hoping that nothing would be melted or cleaned and I got my wish. This snow was the perfect snowball snow, it slid through your fingers, but still could form a ball. I took a lovely walk, mostly to enjoy the beauty of the all the white. I grew up with snow, it's not something I am new to and yet this year it feels different. Maybe it's because I work from home, so I get to choose my moments in the cold. Maybe it's that Wisconsin winters are so different from Alberta. Either way I am happy to be enjoying the beauty I am surrounded by. 

What's your favorite part of winter?

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