The Art of Writing a Holiday Card

The Art of Writing a Holiday Card

It's amazing to me, how much into the holiday spirit I have been and I have not sent a single holiday card. I decided to not send cards for a few reasons. A big one has to do with this post. Another has to do with the fact that I sent out dozens last year and got not one in return. It feels like over the years, mailing cards has become a lost art. The price of mailing has never been a big deal to me because I have always enjoyed the personal touch of receiving a letter. Maybe I've become a sentimental old fool, I am 10 days away from my 30 birthday 😉, but crisp lines and fresh paper will always be a favorite.

I have hundreds of memories growing up, creating stationary, cards and then mailing them to various friends, pen pals, and family members. Not just during the holiday season, but all year round. In fact, it got to a point that I was writing to so many great aunts and uncles that I turned it into a personalized newsletter and mailed it out once a month. One month I put the wrong name in the wrong envelope mixing where things were going. The aunt and uncles names I had mixed up, were brother and sister knew about my newsletter, so it worked out, but it was definitely embarrassing for a time! On an old blog, I use to write letters to our old car, asking it to drive one more mile or just make it to the next paycheck for that oil change and finally a goodbye letter as we upgraded. Here in this space, I have started a Dear Beautiful You series, the second one is to go live on boxing day. A letter to a beautiful person far away in my life that I don't know well enough, hope to know better, and this being the one way I can do that.

The Art of Writing a Holiday Card

The point is I love to write letters, make it personal, and get to know a person. I am not good face to face. In fact I am shy, awkward, and terrible at conversation. Give me a pen and I'll write until there are no words left, it might not be perfect and will probably be full of grammar mistakes, but it will be me. My heart is in words. I miss taking the time to find the perfect card or stationary for the person I am writing too. I miss the anticipation of receiving a letter in the mailbox and knowing it's not another credit card company trying to get my to apply for the card. The holidays used to be full of letters, pictures, and moments of people reaching out to say hello. A text message just isn't the same. 

What are your thoughts?

P.S. After writing this out on Friday, I was contacted over the weekend by three lovely ladies all asking if I wanted to exchange cards and so I did. Those lovely ladies have made my day and Christmas even more special than my family has already made it.

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