Wrapping up 2016 Goals

Wrapping up 2016 Goals

Next week will be about my intention for the next year. But today I want to wrap up how my goals went for 2016nt. I set some good ones, I set some bad ones. Overall I think the year went pretty well and I accomplished what I needed to better my mental health. I want to start 2017 with no less ends, so lets wrap this up.


Attend WisCon Continue with my Feminist Journey Posts Read 3-5 Feminist Books

I wrote this goal and promptly forgot about it. WisCon came, I looked it up and wasn’t sure I wanted to go. It seemed scary at the time. It’s a feminist con and I understand why I felt that way, but I still should have gone. It could have opened up doors sooner. Hindsight is 20/20 on this one. My feminist journey posts stopped, at least stopped being called that. I still went on an amazing feminist journey and I am still proud of it, it just changed from what the original had in mine. As for reading 3-5 feminist books. I think I did – Big Girl by Kelsey MllerInfidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bossypants by Tina Fey, Nevernight by Jay KristoffEmotional Blackmail by Susan Forward,


Find a consistent way of working out Participate in a run or walk in Madison Take out our Rock Climbing Gear

I found a consistent way of working out, I lost it and then I found it again. This one is so based on feelings and emotions for me. I think overall I’ll call it a success.

The run or walk didn't happen. There just didn’t seem to be any interesting ones happening in the city or I find out about it the day of!

We did go rock climbing and it was not an experience that we wanted to repeat. The walls in this area are very different from what we started on. It's also hugely stressful for me, heights and I aren't friends. We decided it wasn't fun and gave away our gear. We’d both rather find something else to do.



Read 100 Books Participate in some sort of reading challenge

For the first time ever I have not reached my book goal. I want to be disappointed in myself but I can't. I focused on growing this year and I did a lot of reading but it wasn't the focused kind that I am use to. I no longer read for escape, I read for pleasure. The one frustrating thing, is that goodreads doesn't count rereads. So this number is actually a lot higher. I would probably add another 20 books to that number.


Allow myself not to feel guilty for eating sugar. But make better choices about what I put into my body. I want it to last a good long time!

I find this goal so fascinating. In the overall scheme of things I think I will call this a success. I came far in better understanding my body and my eating habits are completely different from this time last year.


Complete everything on my Wisconsin To Do List Send many letters and packages to friends far away Continue writing Grow as a photographer

Oh gosh, there is so much here. I didn’t complete everything on the list nor send many letters. But the things I did complete were big and awesome. I also have chosen to choose two people or two families to spend a large amount of money on and send a big package that I have spent months cultivating. It means a lot of work but it means that those packages are very different from what one would normal expect. I love creating these and have a lot of fun doing it. The last two, I think you know the answer too! I did and I will continue to write and grow in both areas.

How did you do on your 2016 Goals?

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