2017 Intention

Cultivate my voice, while being authentic to myself

Grow in body positivity

Educate myself

Another year, another moment, another time for me to be better than I was before. That's what new years resolutions are about, right? I find myself in a unique position this year, I don't want to write traditional resolutions. I want to write a path to where I want to be. I've already started this with my five year plan. I don't think making yourself a better person starts just in January, I think it starts when you choose it. This week is setting the core of what I want. You start by setting intentions, then break it down into manageable and achievable steps. That's how I am going to succeed. I hope you will stay with me on this journey.

Continue to cultivate my voice and stay authentic

I've gotten pretty loud this past year, I no longer allow for secrets. It's time to build on that, turn it into something more. It's hard to put guidelines around because this is a purely emotional "goal". There is no right way or wrong way, how I choose to do it will be the right path for me but totally wrong to someone else. Being authentic is not always easy when dealing with emotions, because sometimes telling yourself a lie is easier than facing the truth. By saying I will be authentic, I am saying I will face the truth head on. I am saying I will not hide what that truth is, whether pain or joy, whether it paints me in a good light or terrible. It is, what it is. My truth might look different to someone else and both should be heard. The journey getting there is never easy, but I am definitely going to be writing about it.

Continue to grow in body positivity

Learning to love myself has been a journey. It's time to have a better understanding and know how to help others. It's time to expand my horizons and be more than superficial. I need to go deeper than I have before and be open to what that will bring.

Continue to educate myself

I've realized that I struggle to put my whole heart into a project because I always expect it to fail. When it comes to educating myself, I can no longer accept failure without having tried my best first. This means it's time to jump both feet in. Instead of just talking about it, I need to do it. I hate my writing and yet writing is my job, it's time to do something about that. It's going to suck. This set of notebooks (and phone) are what's going to get me through the year.

My Intention for 2017

How are you writing your intentions or goals for 2017?

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