Feminism and My Lack of Involvement

Feminism and My Lack of Involvement

On Saturday I didn't march, I went to the Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest. I went because it was something we had purchased tickets for and had been looking forward to, for a good two months. It wasn't until Tuesday, 6 days before the march and festival that I even knew there was a march. I discovered that most of my friends, feminist role models, and a lot of the world was going to march for equality, women's rights, the LGBTQ community and so much more.

And I found myself conflicted.

I have adamantly been avoiding anything to do with Trump or American politics. In my avoidance I missed the details, an opportunity to connect with and support peers in my community. I can not handle crowds and it takes me a week to work up the strength to attend even one such event. So I knew that if we did anything that day it could only be one. I want to support my women in arms. I want to rally with them and be supportive of the LGBTQ community and Women of Color. I am aware that I have not been supportive enough. Aware that it took Trump becoming president for me to want to go to a protest when I should have been out there when it was protests for black lives matter.

On Saturday I didn't march, I went to the festival with Kevin and a friend. I took one terrible blurry photo for my instagram and ate a lot of cheese. In quiet moments I re-tweeted things from people stronger than me and I began to formulate a plan in my mind. A plan to get involved and be the supportive person I want to be. I am constantly striving to grow and understand more. This week is about putting that plan in action. The first step was to read more and find out best next steps, top articles so far have been

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But what are your thoughts? Has this affected you at all?

If you want to go deeper, I'd love your thoughts on the questions I am struggling with:

As a white, cis, stay-at-home, privileged female, how do you support the LGBTQ and POC communities? How do you speak up and fight without diminishing those who need it more? How do you educate yourself to be a better human?

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