February, the month of love

Today is our anniversary

11 years, 7 moves, 2 countries, university, job loss, broken down cars.

Every year I do the same thing, I write a post about us and talk about the things we've done, but it's always the same thing. This year I wanted to do something different. So I reached out some people in the blogging community and asked them what they would like to share about their relationships and here is what they had to say.


Flight and Scarlet

My name is Sareeta and I'm the feminist blogger behind Flight & Scarlet. Grady is my incredible partner, and he's always completely believed in me no matter what I do. He doesn't really read my blog, but he does believe in equality, and it's something we talk about often. When I doubt the way that I am a feminist he's always the one to help me think critically and remember why I do what I do. We have an unusually honest relationship, where we can talk to each other about literally anything — I don't have to hide anything from him at all. But we have had our hardships, too. I realized that I was sexually assaulted by someone in my past back when I was with this person, and it's caused some problems for us and mental breakdowns for me over the past little while. But he's never made me feel like a burden. No matter our issues, he's never blamed me and is unquestionably supportive. I don't want to be too much of a show-off, but I can't help it! I don't think I could be with anyone else, and I think our relationship is amazing.

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Oh Chel

Oh Chel

Hi, I’m Chel from Oh Chel. If I could sum up Travis and mine’s relationship in a picture it would have to be this one. Travis is my best friend. We met online and started some sort of long distance friendship first. We got to know each other without boundaries. Quickly he became my confidante, my rock and soon my best friend. I told him everything and through that, we fell in love. For us – laughter is a key factor in our relationship. We crave being silly with one another – and he just simply put… gets me. If there was any advice I could ever give another person starting off in a relationship – it would be to find someone who could be your best friend. Have someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with sharing silly stories, being that person’s partner in crime or simply being a rock. Those are the relationships that last.

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With Love Jazmine

Hey, Lovelies! I'm Jazmine I used to blog over at Fairy Lights & Dreams. I took a little break from blogging so it feels weird being back talking to an audience. The sweet guy with me in the photo is my fiance Noe. Noe and I met on MyYearbook, a website for meeting new people, in 8th grade and have been best friends ever since. Our friendship has definitely gone through the wringer. Along the way, both of fell for each other and we've been dating for a year now. Dating my best friend has been one of the best choices I've ever made. This past summer he proposed to me and I'll be a Mrs. in 4 months.

I believe an important aspect of any relationship is communication. Keep an eye out for my guest post next Friday discussing communication between the sexes.

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The Peculiar Treasure

The Peculiar Treasure

My husband and I met a couple of weeks after starting our Freshman year of college. We were introduced by my roommate, and a month later, we were dating. From then on, we were pretty much inseparable (sometimes to a fault), but what can I say? We just love hanging out together!

When it comes to things like hobbies, favorite music and movies, and the way we process things, Taylor and I are pretty much polar opposites. But in the major things-the things that make up the deeper parts of who we are- we are usually on the same page.

For us, the movies and music, hobbies, and other small things were negotiable. We didn't have to have the same interests and do the same things all the time, and we didn't always have to understand each other. The fact that I like The Jonas Brothers and he likes Led Zeplin was not a deal-breaker. Nor did it matter that I despise documentaries and political podcasts, but he loves them. But things like religion, morality, political beliefs, and over-arching lifestyle was another story.

We wanted to be "equally yoked", which is a biblical term meaning that we wanted to be fitted for each other at the soul and spirit level. We were both seeking a kind, devout Christian, someone who was committed to purity, and who wanted to live a loving, unselfish life. We also wanted to find someone with whom we generally agreed about politics, so there wouldn't be a giant argument every four years, and because disagreeing politically usually infers that there are disagreements elsewhere too. And in all the big things, we were a match.

Personally, I believe that every couple should be in agreement in the big things. They don't have to agree on music, movies, hobbies, food preference, or even holiday traditions. But if a couple cannot agree on the things that make them who they are, then there is most likely a long road of strife ahead. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but typically, I believe that being in sync in certain areas is critical.So whether you are a Christian, Budist, Athiest, Conservative, Liberal, a tree-hugger, or a fracker, look for someone who compliments you in the deeper issues of life. Don't get caught up in the little things, and don't try to change those things. Be ok with being different in those areas, as long as you are on the same page on the bigger issues.

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I'm a lifestyle blogger, covering deep subjects including body images, battles with food, and overcoming how I was raised. I try to be as authentic as possible and I don’t sugar coat how I see things.