Book Review: The Mistborn

Book Review: The Mistborn

This is not a series I would have ever picked up for myself. As with many of the books I am reading this year, a lot are coming from Kevin and his increasing use of Audible. While my overall goal has been to read books by women and POC, audible doesn’t have many great high fantasy options following those rules. If you know of any please let me know as I am always looking to introduce Kevin and myself those works.

That said, the reason I even started this series is because the entire time Kevin was listening to it, he kept saying there was a character in the book that was exactly like me. I didn’t believe him but figured I’d give it a listen and see if there was anything to it. Sure enough, this character is so much like me it’s kind of unnerving. However there are very, very few people in the world who would have put that connection together. Kevin being one of them.

This review probably isn’t spoiler free.

Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson


The Final Empire ★★★★★, is definitely my favorite of the series. I enjoyed the intrigue, the story line, and the characters. The path the book followed was not fully expected and while I guessed one thing overall, it wasn’t a predictable book. However I would like to reread this book because I feel like my fascination with the main character clouded any judgement I had of the book. I just really liked her. She was/is me; she sat like me, hid like me, thought like me and it was fascinating reading about someone who was so much like me but in a completely different world. I don’t know yet if I’ll buy the whole series but this book I definitely will.

The Well of Ascension ★★★★★, fell into the sad lull of middle book problems, the drawing out of the story to the big finale in the third book. The story was there but it felt like it was just to get to book three. At least it felt that way until the last three hours of listen when it finished the thing you expected the third book to be about. Which made me wonder if I hadn’t known before reading book one that there were three books, if I would have felt the same way about how drawn out the story felt. There was one situation that happened in the book that frustrated me. It felt far too convenient and too much of a setup. The main group was able to send away three of the party and those three just went along willingly. It didn’t feel right to me based on the characters connection to the city and what was happening. The one twisted I expected, didn’t happen but that was okay because the Ascension actually went much better and I think became the premise for book three.

The Hero of Ages ★★★★★, what I liked most about this series is that the things I expected happened but didn’t at the same time. The twist at the end regarding the hero of ages was unique. Wording is especially important throughout the entirety of all the books. It’s one of the reasons I would like a physical copy verses the audio book, so I could go book through and see the subtle changes that happen over the course of the story. I really liked the ending. It fitted well. Spook and Demoux are definitely characters who’s story I wanted to follow after the ending.

The Alloy of Law ★★★★, the first book in the series to drop a star. It’s purely because my beloved characters from the previous three books are no longer than and I just couldn’t quite get into the new characters. This book is three hundred years after the events of the Hero of Ages. I was worried that the books would try to go steampunk but they didn’t, it’s the beginnings of the modern era. I think I was slightly thrown off by the main character’s voice being the same as Kelsier. He also had a similar way of speaking, thinking, and acting which was a little frustrating because you wanted there to be a bigger difference. However, the prologue is fantastic, in the span of a few moments you thought you had an idea of how the story was gonna go and then one bullet later and it’s a completely different story. I do feel however that this story was much smaller than the first thing. I finished listen to it in a very short amount of time and there was a cliffhanger. Slightly frustrating, however I was already invested in the story, so I already knew I was going to continue listening.

Shadows of Self ★★★, well this series is going downhill. I didn’t really enjoy the twists that happened in this story. It felt convenient, condra can change any story far too easily and in this case felt like a cop out. Honestly this book just was disappointing and I have lost all desire to continue reading the series. Technically there’s only one book left, with another tentatively in the works. But I’m just not feeling it and I think the author feels the same way. There isn’t the same level of creativity or happiness that was found in the first three. Though I still love Wayne as a character, he was the only bright spot in the book.

Overall, I am happy to have read this series, though I wish I had stuck with just the first three. I have also discovered that working out with a book on is so much better than a podcast and as such, audible will most likely became a bigger part of my life.

Other books read this week:

  1. Dungeon Born by Dakota Krout (audible) ★★★★★ - another of Kevin’s picks from his growing audible collection. Also definitely a unique series to listen to.

  2. Dungeon Madness by Dakota Krout (audible) ★★★★★ - second of the series. A few things of note… the main character began talking to another character differently. I prefer this new way verses the assumptive terms of endearment of the first book but it seemed odd.

  3. Dungeon Calamity by Dakota Krout (audible) ★★★★★ - The hard part about listening to this series, is that it’s Kevin’s favorite and he has talked about it so much, that a lot of it felt like stuff I had listened to before. But that’s okay, it was nice listening to the story and getting the whole picture. I liked certain aspects of this story that Kevin hadn’t mentioned, the thunder boys for one. The ending is my favorite, though it’s also weird. Looking forward to the eventual release of book four.

Have you ever related to a character in a way people that know you might not recognize?

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