Can you wink?

My goal was 17 for the month of September. I managed 12. But the days I shot aren’t the only days I get myself ready for the day, most days I simply forgot to take pictures. Nothing wrong with that. I do enjoy the challenge of using the same space each time and trying to make it different. I think I succeed in doing that well enough. This project will definitely be making a come back as time goes on. I am very much a numbers person, so out of the 12 looks, the only repeats were two pairs of shorts, because I only own two pairs of shorts. I wore makeup 7 times and only wore 4 of the outfits to class. Here is the last three!

Look Ten

Winged liner you are the worst. I want you so bad but hooded eyes make it hard. It semi works when you do a bump like this but I am not good at it and definitely need practice. Someone come teach me!!

Look Eleven

I pulled out my old chocolate too face palette. I haven’t used it in ages, it smells amazing and as I was debating on throwing it out, I decided to experiment. Taking a wet brush to one of the colors to see if I could get it to work because I had never been able to. To say it worked is an understatement, look at the sparkly purple. I am also not throwing it away. It’s being thrown back in to rotation. Sometimes a break from an item is all you need to find a new way to use it.


Look Twelve

I so wish the full length photo was of me giggling to whatever caused that to happen in the other photos. It would have made this series complete. Today has been a brilliant day and I hope that yours has been too!

Besides my white hoodie, the three tops in these outfits are all the color that’s left in my wardrobe. Over time I hope to have no color left but only as pieces wear out. Everything is super comfy and makes me happy.

Can you wink? Do you like the same space/background idea?

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