Canada for the Holidays

Things I’m Looking Forward to in Canada

Pavement - makes for quieter driving.

Street lights - the irony of this is that the one street light on our street shines right into our bedroom window and is a source of much frustration.

Reflective strips on roads - I do not understand how there isn’t more accidents, because finding the lanes is so hard, especially when it’s raining!

Distance measured in something that makes a little more sense to me for some reason - Kilometers.

Weather measured in proper units - Celsius.

All my people.

Things I Will Miss

My apartment.

The normalcy of routine and my own space.

Cheese, local brewed sodas, sharp cheddar cheese, trees, humidity, spicy cheese… need I say more? Cheese is obviously it’s own food group.

That odd sense of freedom I found when we arrived here. It’s a feeling I have been unable to describe and yet it’s what has made Wisconsin home.

The weather - while not measured in proper units is far better than the bitter cold of Alberta winters.

No red light cameras or photo radar - fingers crossed I don’t get any tickets.

Trees, humidity, lakes. Wisconsin is definitely home.

Whatever you are doing for this holiday season I hope it’s full of love and happiness. Cheers!

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