End of a Chapter

Last month I closed the last of my accounts with the financial institution I used to worked at. I worked there from Jun 2008 to Jan 2015, six years and eight months of my time. I started off as a teller, then moved to a back office support role. That role was terrible for me and I hated every minute of it and eventually made my way back into the branch as a teller. However that move got us from Lethbridge to Calgary. The teller role is one I had for a few years. Being both a personal and commercial teller. I wasn't a fan of commercial, it involved long moments with customers and a lot of counting. Eventually a role came available and I jumped at it, Branch Coordinator.

Branch Coordinator was my favorite position and I wish I had never changed from this role. I got to organize people's schedule, do calls, check in with people. It was loud and a lot of work but it was fun. I think I would have been better off never having moved from this role, but hindsight is twenty twenty and I made the change because I got tired of branch dynamics. From here I made my final role change to a split position, half teller and half loan officer. If the role had been properly supported this might have been okay. Except that with any split role there is far too much expectation and very little assistance. I also got stuck with only one good management person (who left six months in) and three not so great. Between the role expectations changing, bad management, and my own mental health, I burnt out and I burnt out hard.

It's been four years since I worked at the bank. I've no desire to go back to work in the financial industry but I am grateful for the experience. It taught me many things, including how to budget properly and made me a lot of good friends. On one hand I am so happy to have closed out the accounts and finally moved completely on from dealing with the branches. On the other hand it's a little sad to see something I worked at for a very long time finally go. There's nothing wrong with feeling sad about something and in this case sad is a very small part of it. I am glad to have had my time there as part of my life journey, it helped make me into who I am today and even though I’m still a mess some days I love who I am and where I am today. As the shirt says "somewhere between happy & total fucking wreck”.

I'm a lifestyle blogger, covering deep subjects including body images, battles with food, and overcoming how I was raised. I try to be as authentic as possible and I don’t sugar coat how I see things.