Exploring Canada

Exploring Canada

Born and raised in Alberta, Canada we haven't had much opportunity to explore our own country. With time and a little luck we hope to one day see more of what Canada offers. It's a beautiful, diverse country full of many amazing things to explore and discover. Below is a little of what we have seen.


The province we were born. Kevin was born in Lethbridge and stayed there until we moved to Calgary in 2008. Angela was born in Calgary but moved many times; Calgary to Airdrie, to Foremost, to Lethbridge, and back to Calgary. We haven’t done much exploring of the province beyond those two cities and a little of Edmonton. Southern Alberta is considered a desert. It’s very dry, with long winters and short but hot summers.


Is definitely one of my favorite cities but I think that’s mostly because of all the memories I have from there. There are few bad memories. This is the place where I started to take my career seriously and Kevin figured out what he wanted to do.


This will always be the city where I became an adult and began figuring out what I wanted with life. It will also be the place we always end up going back to because it’s central enough to family and friends.

Almost everything from before October 2015 is from Alberta, these posts are just bits about the province


As a child, I had many road trips through BC to a city called Abbotsford BC. As an adult, Kevin and I have taken a few adventures through it for visits to see family and friends. This is definitely my favorite province. It's beautiful, full of forest and mountains, along the coast and offers many amazing views. If we hadn’t moved and fallen in love with Wisconsin, I totally could have seen us living here.


In general Saskatchewan was always a drive through province to get to Winnipeg or deeper into Canada. However family moved there and I began exploring parts of this flat section of Canada.

some of the things we've done

The Beginning Drive
The Adventures of Pascal


For many years we use to go for one weekend to the capital of Manitoba - Winnipeg for a conference. We'd drive up with friends, through the night, share hotel rooms and attend 2 full days of conferences and then drive back through the night to go to work the next day. I've seen the inside of a few beautiful hotels but I have never explored the province. Even on our move to the US we only stayed in Winnipeg one night, devoured some good Thai food and moved on. 


One side of my family lives in Ontario. I have had the chance to met some of them. However neither Kevin and I have had much chance to explore the province they come from. During our move we did manage to drive through the Canadian Shield. A lovely section of road through part of the province. We spent a few lovely days in Thunder Bay. One day I'd love to get a chance to actually see the wonders that can be found in Ontario.


Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon Territory. 

6 Provinces left unexplored. Fingers crossed we can one day visit them all.

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