Get Up, Get Dressed, and Start the Day

Get Up, Get Dressed, and Start the Day

My first years of blogging were all outfit posts. This is actually something I’ve talked a fair bit about so I’m not going to cover in detail today. Today’s about making an effort. An effort in the form of a challenge. Could I take the idea of my old outfit posts and turn it into something new, enjoyable, and maybe make a project from it? Turns out maybe I can. This is the first three days of that. The goal… put on fresh clothes, pretend to do my hair, and maybe my makeup and take a few pictures in the same spot. Also do this for 17 days of the month. Why 17? Because that’s how many classes I’ve paid for and if I’m gonna dress up and put in effort it’s gotta be for something. That thing is aerial, it used to be a job and this is so much better.

Let’s break things down, shall we?

Look 1

I washed my hair the night before. I sleep with headphones on, so when I woke up my hair was a disaster zone. Curls are about the only thing that can save it. So curls it is. I am also loving pink as you can see, we’ve got the hair, the eyes, and the lips all done up in pink. The only thing that would have made this better was maybe the peek of my blue bra not being blue but pink… but seriously I should know better and only get undergarments in black. Also this feels like a very, weird outfit for me. Crop top and literal sweat pants, a few years ago and you would never have caught me in an outfit like this. Today, I have worn this look out of the house and that’s cool, because it’s comfortable and it feels good but man do I want to judge myself for it.

Look 2

Slept on the curls and then brushed it out. It’s a little wave but its’s functional, if I had hair spray they probably would have held longer but I’ve run out and have been too lazy to go out and buy some. This sweater is a pain… I don’t own much white, so it’s hard to keep white and it might not look it in the photos but the pilling on the cuffs, under the arms is a real problem. This is also the day I realized that my reasoning for the project was to dress up for aerial class but this was not an outfit that could be worn to class. First no bra… yup internet I am posting a photo of me not wearing a bra and you know what it doesn’t even matter. Seriously don’t wear a bra if you don’t want to. Like judging myself for wearing sweats in day 1, this is another “thing” I struggle with that’s completely ridiculous. Secondly, shorts are not great at protecting you from rug burns or lyra kisses. Also I look really pale and that’s because the stomach bug had me. Thirdly I just couldn’t take myself seriously anymore and my sass came out in the third photo, oops. Ohh and yea no makeup and my face is shinier than typical because I put on a heavy moisturizing cream and it is just gloss galore.

Look 3

This day is all about the sass. I mean there is one serious photo in the bunch but that’s because I’m reading a text message on my phone and it had me thinking serious thoughts. It was the only photo of my eyes semi closed and I’ve committed to a theme of three photos each styled in a certain way, so… I obviously need to work on focusing the full body shoots, but I’ll get to that next week maybe. This is the only outfit I’ll wear to class. It’s got full protection so in theory I should bruise less. However the bruises are just measures of my hard work, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. This day I’ve just got a hint of cream on my lids, some eyeliner, mascara, and my favorite lipstick that I can no longer buy because… reasons. Most days I feel like I am yelling and yet the majority of people can never hear me the first or third time I speak. I need to work on making the sass in this photos a little more vocal.

There you have it. Three days out of the seventeen I plan on doing, will I share them all, who knows… but today you get some weird Angela. Let’s end this with a note that magnetic lashes are a thing and I really need to buy some as lash glue is messy and a pain to get off!

Happy Tuesday!! How is life?

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