January Reflections

January Reflections

Reflections were something I did once a quarter last year. Susannah Conway as part of her Unravel Your Year 2019, included another set of reflection questions for each month. Instead of doing it each quarter I’ve decided to do it monthly and add a few details to it. I would love to see your answers to the questions, if you are coming along this journey.

Part 1, the Reflection Questions

1. How well have you tended to your physical needs?

I started the month by taking a probiotic. I did this for a few reasons. With traveling and being sick in November and December my tummy was all sorts of cranky and I had noticed an odd odor. I think the odor bothered me more than anything and this might be TMI but I do not like being smelly and I do a lot of things that make me sweaty. So the probiotic was to help with both these issues and it has helped massively. My tummy feels back to normal and the random odor is gone. I feel a lot better in general.

Not only did I start the probiotic but I also took time to listen to my body. For the first week back, I slept however long I needed to and as often as I needed and once I felt caught up I went back into my routine of bed by 9 or 10 and up for 6 or 7 depending on the day. I worked out and overall I feel so much happy to be back to normal activities.

2. What are you craving?

Food. This is probably a weird one but food and I haven’t been getting along again and all I want to do is eat real good food. The problem is different from normal. Normally I crave sugar and lots of it. But lately the only sugar I crave is the occasional vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce. Otherwise I want real food, specifically veggies. Just dense thick yummy vegetables and I have been having a hard time getting enough to be full. What it comes down to is lack of planning and thinking ahead on my part and I hope to do better on that front soon. On that note I have been debating on getting a meal delivery services for the past couple months and recently Rhian talked about Purple Carrot and because it’s veggie based I feel more included to go this route. But we’ll see what I do.

3. What do you wish you had more time for?

I am honestly probably the only person in the world to say this, but I am so happy with my time. I might not always spend my time wisely but everyday I have the choice of how I want to spend that time. I think overall I wish I was a little more productive but at the same time I feel really good with how I spent my month. It’s been good.

On a side note of time. I wish I had more patience to sit and just learn my camera. I am trying but it is slow going. This month I bought a new lens and all the pictures for this post are taken with that lens. My goal has been to capture a snowflake and I am very, very slowly getting there.

Part 2, What I read

Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

A reread via audible. I would like to buy this book. Political intrigue is not usually my style of book but this one is so well done and fascinating to read and listen to. The first time I read it was through the library and the second time was on our trip to Canada whenever we were on a plane. Audiobooks are a great way to pass the time when flying. My biggest frustration with this book is that I am not ready for it to be over. I need more. There are few stories that I have finished and all I want is more, but this is definitely at the top of this list.

To Make Monsters out of Girls by Amanda Lovelace

Bought during our trip to Canada but read when we got home. Amanda Lovelace has two other books of poetry. Both have inspired me to do photos minimally referencing them (see Goodbye 2018 and the princess saves herself in this one). While I really enjoy reading this one it did not inspire me as much as the first two. It still had some beautiful poetry pages 30, 93, 96, and 124 were my favorites. There is an interesting thing to note with her books though. It seems that each place gets a unique copy of the cover. So the ones at B&N in the states is different from Chapters in Canada and Target also has a different one. I am super happy I got the one in Canada, it’s hard cover, with a black spine, and white. I love the detail of this though and have debated on buying multiple copies just so I can have all the different covers.

We are Bob Series by Dennis E. Taylor and narrator Ray Porter

Read via audible books 1 through 3; We Are Legion, All These Worlds, and For We Are Many. This is a book series that Kevin has really wanted me to listen to and as usual he is right this is a great series. It’s very unique and while there were definitely terms I did not understand, it didn’t really matter. The message the author wanted to get across did. He created quite a interesting world and some very unique Bobs. I would love to pick a favorite one but that is really hard to do. I think my favorite storyline was the Deltans. Riker was my favorite of the names and Howard was the saddest part of the book.

Rebel of the Sands Series by Alwyn Hamilton

From the library, I ordered all three books. However I have only read the first two; Rebel of the Sands, Traitor to the Throne. I enjoyed the first book a fair but and thought it worth reading the second. It was good but I’m not sure it was memorable. I feel like it could have been written better. If the third book arrives from the library, I’ll probably read it but muh.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2 by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

Ordered in from the library. I own the first book and have been debating on getting the second. While I would love the set, the first book is far better in my mind. This one felt a little more thrown together. It did however have lots of names I was happy to see; Beyonce, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Sotomayor, Vivian Maier. But it does feel like there’s a few names missing as well, specifically Serena Williams. One thing is one has that book 1 didn’t was a map with everyone listed on it and their location. Which is pretty cool to see.

Mastering Composition the Definitive Guide for Photographers by Richard Garvey-Williams

I picked this up because the Bite Shot YouTube decided to do a book club and book one was this book. Improving Composition for Food Photography Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. I am not great at composition. I tend to rush my photographs because I am worried about either the people with more becoming impatient or being seen or I’m just lazy. This is something I want to work on for sure. This book had lots of helpful points and lots of great information. I highlighted many aspects. My favorite chapter was 5 Applying the Theory, specifically on intent & mindset. Defining my mindset behind my photography has been something on my mind and so we shall see where it goes. With the photos included in this post, my intent was to capture snowflakes and my mindset was to learn macro with my new lens.

Dungeon Lord by Hugo Huesca and narrator Jeff Hays and Annie Ellicott

Muh. I have issues with aspects of it, I think that's more issues with the lit rpg genre than with the book though. It's well written, not overly sexist, and the main character does improve over time. I ended up rating it 2 stars and then immediately dove into another book.

Night Angel, book 1, The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

I’ve been thinking about this series for ages and have been wanting to reread it. However its a book I wanted Kevin to listen to so for this reread I got it on audible. I started to listen and immediately realized this was not the series I was thinking. So now I’m stumped as to what series it is that I am thinking about and I need to go back through my years of books and see if I can find it. I originally rated this book, in particular, two stars and with my reread I increased it by one. This is definitely an adult fantasy and there is a lot of gore. But there is a lot of cheese and for some reason the cheese annoyed me. I did however want to finish the story so February will start with book two.

How was your month? Did you read anything interesting? How would you answer the reflection questions?

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