June Reflections

1. How was your word for 2019 helped you this month?

I really had to search through to remember if I had even chosen a word for the year. It turns out that I didn’t. However if I look back through early posts of 2019, I find a post called Finding Joy and I think that has been my unofficial word for the year. Choosing joy has been what I’ve been doing with almost every task and it’s been lovely working towards that. These are a few things that have brought me joy.

Aerial - Lyra and Sling
Project 365
Pottery, I need to do an updated post on this one actually.

On top of that I am currently working my way through the Artists Way by Julia Cameron and that has also been bringing me joy. Summer is here, which means birds singing, sunshine, and water activities. The last two weeks I’ve shared about our latest trip and that trip began because of something sad happening but we turned it into a beautiful adventure, which is something I am quite proud of. Joy is definitely my word for the year.

2. In what ways could you embody your word next month?

I think just the continuation of what I have been doing. Seeking out and discovering things that make me happy.

3. Do you need any extra supporting words?

Interestingly enough I don’t think so. Joy encompasses almost everything I want. For example these pictures, are terrible in the basic sense. However they make me happy because they were unexpected and I was doing something that was for my joy (cleaning my patio off, so I could enjoy it in the summer heat).

What was your word for the year? And because I’m curious what’s brought you joy this year?

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