Knowing What to Do In Emergency Situations

Knowing What to Do In Emergency Situations

Let’s be honest, I am not great in emergency situations. I tend to fall apart. Part of that comes from the unknown, I’ve never thought about this thing happening, so I am not sure what I would do if something happened. I also have the added bonus of losing my voice whenever I’m upset. The best thing to do is to plan for these things. Today I’ve a post that helps with some of that planning and when you reach the end fill me in on how you are in an emergency.

The majority of us will get through our day to day lives with nothing in particular to report on and without encountering any overly stressful situations. But it is important that you are aware of what to do in emergency situations if you want to be prepared in case you do stumble upon one at some point or another. Being prepared can prevent delay and can ensure that anyone involved in an unpleasant or dangerous predicament has the best chances of survival and recovery. So, to help you along the way, here are just a few different scenarios you might encounter at some point down the line and how to deal with them properly!

If You Are Involved in a Road Incident

Even though many of us drive on public roads on a daily basis, it’s important to bear in mind that it can potentially be a relatively dangerous task. You can’t simply rely on your own good driving to get you from A to B without any problems. There’s a whole host of other factors that can implicate you in an accident. You can find that other drivers are making irresponsible decisions or driving irrationally. A sudden change in weather or existing poor weather conditions can cause problems. Poor road conditions or damaged road surfaces can wreak havoc. So, it’s important that you are always well aware of how to effectively deal with a road incident, just in case you happen to get involved in one.


The first step that you need to take is to stop. This isn’t only a moral requirement - you have to do so legally. By stopping you can survey the damage around you and ensure that everyone is safe and well.

Call for Medical Assistance

If anyone is injured or suffering from shock, you need to call for medical assistance. Emergency services will be able to dispatch relevant help and this can help to ensure that everyone involved gets the treatment and care that they may require to make as good a recovery as possible. It is generally best to keep some sort of first aid kit on hand in your vehicle. This could come in useful if the call operator requests you carry out basic first aid on people until professional crews arrive.

Collect Details

If everyone is okay, you should make sure to collect one another’s details. Not only for insurance purposes, but to ensure that everyone is okay in the follow up to the incident.

If You Witness an Overdose

Overdoses are extremely dangerous. They can prove an imminent threat to someone’s life and they can be fatal if the person suffering from an overdose doesn’t receive appropriate medical attention as soon as possible. Now, you may witness an overdose in a variety of settings. You may be at some sort of party or social gathering where a guest has partaken in illegal substances. You might see a homeless person experiencing an overdose on the streets. Regardless of the situation, it’s important that you can see the warning signs of a problem. You can learn more about this through Silver Ridge Recovery.

If You Discover a Fire

Fire can cause chaos in pretty much any setting. From personal properties to commercial properties, you need to tackle a fire as quickly and effectively as possible in order to minimise the damage that it ultimately creates. If you are in any space and find a fire, you need to raise the alarm. Many commercial spaces will have boxes that can be broken and a button that can be pressed to set off a fire alarm. This will let others in the establishment know that they need to evacuate the building. If the fire is large and uncontrollable, you will need to evacuate too. Next, call emergency services and request a fire crew. They will be able to dispatch professional help. If the fire is of a seemingly manageable size, you may want to seek fire extinguishers which can help to put the blaze out. But make sure to use the right extinguisher for the type of fire that you are tackling. The most common types of fire extinguisher are water, AFFF foam, carbon dioxide, ABC powder, water mist, and wet chemical. Familiarise yourself with which extinguishers should be used for which types of fire before you need to put this knowledge to good use!

If You Witness a Crime

Generally speaking, it is advised that you do not get involved if you witness a crime. You could be putting yourself in imminent danger. However, it is important that you do contact police forces if you see a crime taking place. Try to take notice of particular details. See if you can get a look at the people involved. Remember what they look like as best possible. If a car is used to getaway, try to make a note of its registration plate. Take a look at the time when the crime has taken place. All of these details can help the law force to deal with the case as best they can. Any information will be useful and can help to guide the case in the right direction. If you notice that someone has been hurt in an incident, call emergency services and follow instructions. You may be able to administer first aid or help in some way or another. But only ever move or take action when advised by the professionals. Sometimes interfering can make problems worse.

These are just a few emergency situations that you may encounter at some point or another. Hopefully, you will go through your life without actually being involved in any. But it is always best to be prepared. Knowing what to do in these situations will help you to take the right course of action and you could affect the ultimate outcome in a positive way.

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