March Intentions

Today I am joined by Lauren from Glitter & Grandeur, to do a quarterly check on our goals, set at the beginning of the year. It's been three months and it's time to verify where I am at and adjust my steps. Be sure to check out Lauren's post

March Intentions
March Intentions

What I set for goals in January

Cultivate my voice, while being authentic to myself
Grow in body positivity
Educate myself

Cultivate my Voice

I take this to mean, improving my writing and ensuring my intended message gets across. To do this I cut back on the amount I blog and focused on writing good content when I did post. My blog schedule changed to Tuesdays and Fridays. Dedicating Monday and Thursday to prep on those posts, with the goal of scheduling one to two weeks in advance. I choose have post focuses for each month;

January: Goals - 2017 Intention, The Year of Me, Finances let's chat, Lemon Water and Photo Prep, Feminism and My Lack of Involvement.

February: Relationships - February the Month of Love, While I love he he doesn't define me, Communication between the Sexes, Dean and Amanda A Love Story, We're Married So What.

I stayed authentic by posting things on my mind during those months: Insomnia my old friend, Hair is not a Magical Cloak.

Grow in Body Positivity

I read a book, joined a club, started better feeding myself and going to yoga daily. The book and the club are minor things compared to feeding myself and yoga. I can control my migraines heavily based on how much and what I eat, and my workouts. If I eat too much sugar, migraine. If I don't eat enough calories, migraine. If I do a yoga HIIT workout, migraine. If I miss yoga three days in row, migraine. It's been two months of perfecting the right amount of things to control my migraines without drugs and it's working.

January: Yoga - 19 times, Drug free days 8. (BTW this is doctor prescribed medication)

February: Yoga - 20 times, Drug free days 11

Each month I work towards improving that balance and lessening my migraines. As well as strengthening my body physically.

Educate Myself

Education has been the hardest one to work out a plan for. I want to go back to school, it's something that is heavily on my mind and I dream about it a lot. However it's not possible until we are debt free. So I have time on my hands. There are two ways of education I am looking for physical and mental.

Physical: Yoga, is the obvious choice. I found a studio, you've seen how often I've been going. As I wrote in my Year of Me post

I want to be a yogi and maybe get to the point where I could take teacher training. Who knows what the year will bring. But I am going to stretch myself towards that goal.

Mental: I bought a book on grammar - Perfect English Grammar. It's a great book and I've slowly been working my way through it. I've also stopped having Kevin edit my posts on his own, we now edit together. It's time consuming, but worth it for the quality increase. I also bought a book on anxiety - The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. I'm sure you'll be seeing related posts to this book in the future, but it's great having a book explain things I do. It's a realization that my actions aren't abnormal.

The steps for the next few months


I didn't share my steps for the first two months of the year because I wanted to figure out my plan. It feels good to have a plan and a direction. These are the steps I hope to take in March to continue setting me up for a successful year

Cultivate - Blog, continue with my post themes and have 4 posts each month on that theme. Creative side, come up with a fun self portrait idea and create one video monthly.

Body Postivity - Physically, lessen the amount of migraines, it's all about being preventative: yoga 20 times throughout the month with consistent eating and sleeping habits. Mentally, buy and read this months body positive book club book.

Educate - Mental, read and work through 20 pages of the anxiety workbook monthly. Read another educational book, via book or audio-book. Challenge myself in my photography. Continue learning through the use of podcasts.

That's my year, how's yours?

I'm a lifestyle blogger, covering deep subjects including body images, battles with food, and overcoming how I was raised. I try to be as authentic as possible and I don’t sugar coat how I see things.