May Reflections

1. What new adventures did you have this month?

I went into the clay studio and glazed some of my pieces all by myself. This was stressful as I didn’t have a teacher with me and I definitely screwed up. But overall I’m happy with them. Hopefully I’ll get the pieces this week and be able to share what I made again soon!

We also did a road trip. It was an adventure for sure. One I’ll write about soon.

2. What challenges did you overcome?

Depression hit hard this month. The thing is I knew it was there, slowly creeping up but it didn’t really hit me how bad it was until my third day of not sleeping and I was unable to remember when I showered last. After that realization I did some massive self-care, which included a very long steamy shower.

3. What have you learned about your own resilience in May?

Resilience is such an interesting word. The definition is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Everything that’s happened in May have not be things one quickly overcomes. If depression was easy, we won’t talk about it the way we do (if we talk about it at all). If loss was easy we won’t do celebrations for life after the fact. I don’t feel very resilient this month. Instead I feel like there’s just another massive uphill battle being fought and I’m tired. I stuck to a few things though that helped, mainly avoiding social media and sticking to the things I can do. Like use my money to support people who are doing things for our rights instead of trying to take away my and others autonomy. Or skyping a friend. May was tough in all the ways I’m not really sure how to write about or want to share about.

How was your May?

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