Passions - Aerial Lyra

First I talked about Aerial Sling and then Silks, now it’s time for my favorite, Lyra!

Where do you begin when describing your favorite thing? The bruises? The falls? Or the spinning and “OMG I got it” moments? I am honestly not sure. I have sat here for the past three weeks trying to find the words and they have just escaped me. There is just something about sitting on a large metal hoop, that’s bashed you to bits, spinning super fast that brings me a huge amount of joy. Except that description sounds rather unpleasant and I don’t want you to get that impression. This is a lot of fun, it’s a lot of work, and you should do it, that’s the impression I’d love to give.

Lyra is challenging because while the hoop moves, it also doesn’t move. The shape and size never change, you always know where your edge is. Unlike it’s fabric partners clinging to you all the time, you have to remember that this will hold you but only if you trust where your hands/feet/hips/neck are going to land. Certain things are easier on the hoop. For example mounting. It might spin a little on it you, but it doesn’t collapse. It’s a steady hard piece, so it’s easier to brace your feet and then swing up. This however shouldn’t make you lazy with your mounts and hopefully you are like me and want to make it look pretty going up and down. When coming down you do a lot of superhero landings, at least I do. Mainly so that you land under the swinging of the hoop and it doesn’t bash you in the head. Again it’s a hard piece of metal that will bit you to pieces, but only if you let it.

I am not sure why this one is my favorite. I think it comes down to, it’s a challenge but each week I feel success at what I am doing, which is not always true with silks.

Have you tried aerial? What’s your favorite out of the three that I have shared?

Thank you for reading and following my journey!

(side note: video of “trying aerial silks with the try guys” hilarious and also accurate")

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