Plant Pottery

Way back in March I posted about my first round of pottery class, called Wheel 101. At the time I had just signed up for my second round and I was pretty excited. The second round was similar to the first except that instead of during the winter season it was during the spring and while it wasn’t yet hot out, the building had no AC and it was boiling. This in general is not a problem for me, I enjoy the heat. I think what came with the heat was the full realization that I hate being muddy and pottery is basically made out of fancy mud. Half ways through the session, the mud just got to be too much for me. Class began to feel like a chore. Add to that I missed one due to illness, and a few others had to be reschedule due to other circumstances. I walked away from pottery a tad frustrated. This is no fault of the teacher or the organization. It’s purely a personal thing, Mud and I are not friends. I like my nails long and scrubbing under them is never fun. But also long nails and shaping a moving piece of clay doesn’t really work.

I love the creativity pottery brings, the tangible feeling of holding something in my hand. The long process with the unsure award at the end and I truly wish that was enough for me. It isn’t though and so I have hung up my pottery apron and looking for something new to try that’s just as creativity but maybe less messy. However I can’t walk away from that last session until I talk about what I made there and that is half the purpose of this post. The other half is to talk about plants. I love plants, I’ve written many times about plants and as of yet I do not own enough. I knew I wanted to play with some unique shapes in pottery class but I also knew from the first round that I wasn’t sure what to do with the things I made. So I decided that every single thing would become a container for a new plant.

It started with the shapes you see in the top picture; wide bottom to skinny top, skinny bottom to wide top, and so one. I tried to make them all the same size and didn’t do terribly bad at that. Once they were formed and done it became about the colors. My house colors are black, white, and gray with the occasional pop of blue (though I have far too much blue to my liking). So I tried really hard to glaze the containers that way too. As you can see it did not turn out perfect. Glazing is hard, especially white, but it didn’t turn out too bad. I actually did get one perfectly white. You can see that below in the right picture. But that required a lot prep before the glaze part and I didn’t think the other four through enough to do that to them.

Sure they aren’t perfect but I still think they turned out great for what I was looking and I kind like the “streaks” of natural clay you get to see. These planters have a lot of personality for such a small thing. That’s actually the problem with them. They are almost too small to put plants in them long term. I went with succulents, but I don’t all the ones I got will work and I don’t yet have plants for all of them. Below is the last photo I’ve taken so far, there are still a few pieces I have but haven’t taken pictures of, I’ll get there and do another update maybe. But this photo is one that makes me super happy. When I made the planter I knew exactly what kind of plant I wanted it for and when I found that plant I was so happy. This is Bean, the pencil cactus. I’ve wanted one for ages after seeing the Dainty Squids. Honestly it turned out perfect.

The only problem is that I don’t know what kind of succulents the two in the middle of the first picture are and because of that they aren’t so far getting the best care. Specifically the left one, he most certainly is on his way to dead. So if you know what they are let me know!

What do you think of my pottery creations? Do you think I’m silly to give it up just because of a little dirt? Would love to chat with you in the comments!

SIDE NOTES: 365 Project shoes more of the making process and the planters from a different angle. Day 182, Day 129, my wheel 101 post. Cheers

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