September Reflections
  1. When did you feel brave this month?

    This month was very unique and it’s all about things I can not talk about. Some it’s because I am not ready and others because it’s not my story to tell. But bravery was a huge part of this month. I owe a lot to the daily morning pages I’ve been doing. The no pressure just write has been very clarifying. I most certainly have grown as a person from doing these writings and I hope to continue this.

    Some brave things that I can talk about:

    • I have two short stories that I have written and will be shared over the next coming months. Hopefully with more to follow. I love to write and I want to take it in a new direction. Short stories is the way that’s going for the moment.

    • I booked my first solo flight! Kinda terrifying, I’ll let you know how it goes when it happens.

    • I made a lot of stressful calls this month. I hate talking on the phone, give me Skype any day but not the phone.

    • I got out of the house and did a couple photo shoots. It feels like ages since I’ve done that. You can see the result of one of those in today’s pictures. My goal was/is to do 52 photo shoots this year and I am way behind. The photos here make 26 photo shoots and only five of those have been done in a place outside of my comfort zone, aka not in my house or during a class. Need to work on that ratio.

  2. When did you feel scared?

    There was a lot of fear this month. There were a few days of mind numbing exhaustion from being overwhelmed with information, people, and situations. However I am in a great place of privilege where I literally just didn’t leave the house those days and I allowed myself to curl up and cry when I felt the need to. There was no shame in it and I’m okay with how I expressed those emotions and so very thankful for my amazing support group. This tweet sums it up pretty well.

  3. What have you learned about love this month?

    A book written with the best intentions doesn’t make it a good one.

    Education can be overwhelming and stick to one topic at a time.

    But both these things aren’t really about love. What is, is that tweet I mentioned above. Another is doing something crazy for someone you have never met because they shared a need and we were in a position to be able to do something minor to help. Love is skyping my friends, exchanging happy links, and enjoying the companionship offered to me. I am pretty frigging lucky.

Thoughts on Books:

This month I finished three books that I have spent the entire summer working through.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron - this book was turned into a 12 week series, read it here.

Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques by James Hynes - I started this on July 5th. It’s a book with 24 lectures and my plan was to finish it in 24 days (excluding weekends). It did not work out that way, because at the end of each lecture was an assignment and my head got stuck in the assignments. I wanted this book because I want to write but feel stuck on how to do that. This was suppose to give me the direction I needed not give me assignments to figure out how to write on my own. So I languished over it. Eventually though I got started and eventually I found myself around chapter 12 frustrated with still reading this book because I wanted to move on beyond it and onto my writing. So in the second week of September I pushed through and finished the last 8 lectures I had been putting off. There is a lot of good things to be found in this book and I am thankful to have read it. But it didn’t quite cover the things I am struggling with. That said combining this book with the artist’s way got me started on actually writing my own stories and that is something I just need to keep working on.

Pen and Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide by Alphonso Dunn - I found Alphonso Dunn on YouTube and was immediately drawn to his style; style of drawing, talking, and teaching. This lead to me immediately ordering both his books and then talking it one page at a time to go through and copy his techniques. I have learned so much from just this one and can’t wait to dive into the workbook next. Learning to draw is hard but finding inspiring artists has helped a ton!

I hate spending weeks on one book. But each of these deserved that. It was a great summer project and I very much enjoyed taking the time to work my way through them.

Interesting Link I’ve Read

How was your September?

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