Can you remember the most special day of your life?

Can you remember the most special day of your life?

Can you remember the most special day of your life?

And what was profound about that moment?

The day we officially crossed the border

Up until that moment, it hadn’t seemed real or like it was actually going to happen. Even as we drove across Canada it felt like a dream and that we’d wake up back in our beds in our tiny apartment and bills piling up. It was profound because it was the starting of the rest of our lives. Everything we had been working towards for the last five years of our lives came together as we drove a stuffed UHaul from Grand Portage, Canada into the United States heading for Madison Wisconsin.

The day changes were made in regards to my working situation

It’s hard to write about this situation, there is a lot that I am not allowed to say. Which has lead to some people believing one thing and it not being accurate at all. The thing is for most people the situation should have sucked. Afterwards though, I came up and my tears were of relieve. I didn’t have to do that anymore. This day was profound because all the stress that had been accumulating was suddenly gone. It has taken me, honestly until this year to recover from the harm done emotionally during my last two years of full time work. I am so thankful for that day and for that chance I have had in creating who I wanted to be without the pressures of impending doom.

The day Kevin proposed

A lot of people would say their wedding would be a special day and sure our wedding was awesome and exactly what we wanted. But that day has nothing on the day he proposed. Kevin managed to fully surprise me in a way that didn’t bother me (I hate surprises). He made the moment special and about who we are as a couple and individuals. It was profound because it was about us and about how we wanted to move forward together. There was no social media, no cameras, no people besides the one lady who took us down the stairs. Actually it might have been a guy… I honestly was so in the moment I barely remember who the staff were at the restaurant. I was completely oblivious to everything except the most important person in my life and that makes it pretty profound in my eyes.

Smiling Meditation

I have many other special days in my life, though some are so long ago that they are no longer attached to physical days;

The day I moved in with Karen.

The day I moved in into my Grandparents.

The day I realized I didn’t belong and began questioning religion.

The day I got to see the farm for the first time and the excitement of the future.

The day I found out I was right, it was a boy.

I like that I have grown enough that dwelling on the past is something that happens rarer than it used to and that when it does it’s not on the negative things that happened to me. It’s begun to include the good moments in time. The memories of good things that past by. But even that reflection isn’t often. I’ve begun to fully look towards the future and while I might have no idea what I want to do when I grow up, the future is looking interesting and I am excited for what’s to come. Fall is a beautiful time of year and I am enjoying the cooler days on my patio with tea, strawberries, and some meditation. Ten years ago I won’t have pictured this at all, but I can’t be happier than where I’ve ended up.

Do you have an special days you’d like to share? Leave a comment and I’ll write you back!

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