Tell Me, Vanity, Hope

Tell Me, Vanity, Hope

Behind the seasons of every project there is a mood. The mood behind this one is depression. Like most projects, I don’t always want to talk about that aspect. It sucks, it’s a part of daily life, and that’s where I’m at. Pretty sure that’s where a lot of people find themselves. Exuding happiness is great, however showing all emotions is not only healthy but something that should be allowed and not shamed. So this week is about those days where I just couldn’t. We’ve got a day where my only make up is my favorite balm, another just some mascara and the last none, just finally a good nights sleep.

Now that’s a word that I’m pretty new to
Stuck in depression
Now that’s something that I’m pretty used to
— Hope by Lucidious

Look Seven - Vanity by Lucidious

I’ve been listening to a new album this week. Sometimes music just finds you at the right time and that is this, Lucidious most recent release. Today the song Vanity, line that hit me the most is “And what you see when you get stripped away of all your vanity”. Take all that away and you’d find the same girl. But that’s today… five years ago I don’t think it would be that way. Growth is hard but it’s also pretty freaking amazing. I like who I am even when depression is overhanging.

Look Eight - Tell Me by Lucidious

The chorus… just made me cry when I heard it, which was inconvenient as I was driving at the time. Worth is an interesting subject. Feeling and knowing you are worthy through depression is a battle.

Look Nine - Hope by Lucidious

And a good night sleep can make all the difference. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m pushing through. Also here’s the braids semi brushes out. Not my favorite look but makes for easy doing.

When was the last time you checked in with your mental health?

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