The Artists Way

The Artists Way

A continuation of last weeks conversation regarding the book the Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

Week 12: Recovering a Sense of Faith

In this final week, we acknowledge the inherently mysterious spiritual heart of creativity. We address the fact that creativity requires receptivity and profound trust-capacities we have developed through our work in this course. We set our creative aims and take a special look at last-minute sabotage. We renew our commitment to the use of the tools.

Morning Pages

Day 78 Tue - 3 pages and a task.
Day 79 Wed - 3 pages.
Day 80 Thu - 3 pages.
Day 81 Fri - 2 pages.
Day 82 Sat - 3 pages.
Day 83 Sun -2 1/2 pages.
Day 84 Mon - 3 pages and check in.
Day 85 Tue - 3 pages and final wrap up.

The Artists Date

The Ice Cream Adventure

It’s strange how well my ice cream adventure lined up with the 12 weeks of the Artists Way. What didn’t line up was my timing. At the end of summer I wrote a blog post outlining all the places we visited during the ice cream adventure. The last one, for this week, was my favorite. Read about it here.


We did one last trip to the waterpark. It was the last day of the season. When at the end of the day we hit the wave pool, I finally popped my phone into the waterproof case, so I could get one picture of us in the water and a tiny bit of video for my one second a day project. I took this one picture and then completely forgot about my phone. And that was exactly the type of day I wanted. One where my phone laid unopened in a locker while I enjoyed some fun friends and family.

Weekly Tasks

Here we are the finally week is completed. I honestly can’t believe I made it. I can’t remember committing to do something for 12 weeks and actively sticking through it for the entire duration. Out of the 85 days I only failed to not doing the morning pages twice. Some days were definitely not all three pages, but two out of 85 is pretty fantastic. I was not successful at all the tasks either but that’s neither here nor there. I feel successful about what I did complete and I feel very, very successful in the outcome of the book. At the end of the day or weeks for that matter, it is how I feel about it that’s important and I feel good.

Some small successes

  • 2 mini completed stories.

  • a new organization to my blog - notebook, post schedule, review of why I am posting, etc.

  • half a sketchbook of drawings.

  • the beginning outlines of a book.

  • an acknowledgement of a few big “issues” in my life, a plan in place for said issues, and movement into the plan.

  • a freer way of writing (morning pages) that allows for clearer mind and better of of thinking through emotions.

  • a better thought plan for current and future goals.

To the future

I am taking a week off. Not a week off from morning pages, that is something I’ll be continuing but I am taking a week off to just be without a massive dedicated project for a moment. Once that week is off though I’ll be diving into the second book of the Artists Way; Walking in This World. It is also a 12 week program, laid out very similar. I know from personal experience that I tend to hit a rut after a big burst of creativity and self-exploration. Due to this I knew that I needed to help curb that, so I picked up Walking in This World and that will be my next big project. The goal is to use it to help continue on the path that I’ve started and just keep working towards my big goals. I’m rather excited. Much like I did with this book, I’ll be doing weekly updates, artists dates, and morning pages. Those things also help keep me motivated and accountable.

With that dear reader, I would love to know your thoughts! Have you been following along for the past twelves weeks? What are your thoughts on the Artist’s Way challenge? What do you think of my next step? Thank you so much for dropping by!

Adventures don’t begin until you get into the forest. That first step is an act of faith.
— Mickey Hart

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