The Artists Way

A continuation of last weeks conversation regarding the book the Artists Way by Julia Cameron

Week 5: Recovering a Sense of Possibility

This week you are being asked to examine your payoffs in remaining stuck. You will explore how you curtail your own possibilities by placing limits on the good you can receive. You will examine the cost of settling for appearing good instead of being authentic. You may find yourself thinking about radical changes, no longer ruling out your growth by making others the cause of your construction.

Morning Pages

Day 29 - 3 pages and an exercise.
Day 30 - 3 pages including affirmations.
Day 31 - 3 pages and a task.
Day 32 - 2 pages.
Day 33 - 3 pages.
Day 34 - 3 pages.
Day 35 - 3 pages.

This week she mentions page-and-a-half truth point. This is definitely something I was aware of but didn’t have a term for. Basically after writing one and a half pages you get to the deep stuff in your mind and that’s where you start to make breakthroughs. This week felt like sloughing through, but last week was a week of major breakthroughs and I did a lot of things that helped relieve some of the stress I had been putting on myself. My back burner post put it best.
I think that after those breakthroughs, its become more after maintaining a healthy status when it comes to creativity. Finding what’s causing me to become stuck and unstick it. This is a particular struggle when it comes to writing but something I am working on. I do think that I need to start doing the affirmations daily even if it takes up more than my three pages for writing. They do make a difference, even if most times they feel silly.

The Artist Date

The Ice Cream Adventure

This week we went to Java Cat Coffee Shop & Gelateria. After enjoying a good tuna melt and a creamy Italian pomegranate soda, we took at look a the gelato options. I had two questions; does gelato count as ice cream and would I try something not fruit based? To the ice cream question, I say it does. It’s cold, needs to be frozen, and though they are technically different things, I’m counting it, at least in regards to this challenge. To the second question, why yes I got cookies n’ cream. Typically whenever I diverge off my normal favorites I end up hating it. That was not the case. The cookies n’ cream was delicious and I would definitely get it again. That said even the small felt like too much after the big meal and soda. So I didn’t end up finishing it.


This week I got my hair done, a skyped two friends, took a new class, and Kevin and I went kayaking. It felt good. Though I do think that to really challenge myself I need to somehow go out kayaking by myself. Let’s see if I can manage that in the next few weeks.

Weekly Tasks

The very first task this week was to list 5 grievances I have with god. Now I know that this book is “a spiritual path to higher creativity”, and as an atheist with a shitty relationship with religion from the past, I struggle with god crap being in the things I consume sometimes. She addressed this very well at the beginning of the book and all god related things I’ve just been referring to as my inner self. This has been working well but this tasks kinda stopped me in my tracks. With my translation it was list 5 grievances I have with myself and I didn’t want to do that. As with previous weeks when a task has stumped me, I sat on it. I still down really have any great answers but I did come up with a few

  1. that I don’t have the capacity to turn my blog into a money making machine.

  2. that I don’t have the social capacity that I used to.

There is nothing wrong with either of these grievances. In fact I’ve worked through and come to peace with both of them. But they are things I think that I will have to come to peace with many times over my life and that it’s not an instant fix. Kinda like body love, everyday is going to be different and you might not always love or even like your body but it’s still apart of you and it is who you are.

Another of the tasks was to imagine 5 lives. This is the third time this task has come up. However it was the first time where I already had actively written one down in my morning pages. It’s not something I’m willing to share but it was kinda nice imagining a life different. I’ve always looked at this task as silly because while there are things in my life I’d like different I really love who I am (even with those grievances) and where I am. I also know that there’s more things coming, things that Kevin and I have been working towards, so imaging lives never seemed important. I don’t know what changed but imagining this life was fun because I would never want it to happen. Dreams are weird but not always things I want to actually happen.

Overall the tasks for this week were super fun and ones I greatly enjoyed.

So dear reader, if you’ve made it this far thank you. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you worked through the Artists Way before? What do you think of my notes this week?

Always leave enough time in your life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, even joyous. That has more of an effect on economic well-being than any other single factor.
— Paul Hawken

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