The Artists Way

A continuation of last weeks conversation regarding the book the Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

Week 6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance

This week you tackle a major creative block - money. You are asked to really look at your own ideas around god, money, and creative abundance. The essays will explore the ways in which your attitudes limit abundance and luxury in your current life. You will be introduced to counting, a block-busting tool for clarity and right use of funds. This week may feel volatile.

Morning Pages

Day 36 - 3 pages.
Day 37 - 3 pages, including affirmations and an exercise.
Day 38 - 3 pages and a task.
Day 39 - 3 pages, including affirmations.
Day 40 - 3 pages
Day 41 - half a page, left handed, explained below.
Day 42 - 3 pages (half page left handed), including affirmations.

This week was about abundance. I am privileged enough to have an abundance of the things I need or desire to be creative. My struggle is two fold.

  1. In utilizing that abundance.

  2. In my body not allowing for me to do the things I want.

Utilizing has been a lot better since I started this project. I am more likely to write out a to-do list and accomplish it. I have come far in the tasks I have set out for myself. It’s progress and I am trying to judge myself on my own progress and not compare myself to what others have done. One of the tasks, writing, has been a struggle because the assignment given was not one I understood. I knew I was lacking in knowledge when it came to writing but it hit me full force on the last day of week 5 and I spent a lot of week 6 moping about. Finally on Friday I decided I couldn’t mope for forever and relistened to the lesson. I discovered that I had missed some important details. Those details gave me a way to search out and better understand what was being asked of me. It is still something I am struggling with and I have yet to finish it the assignment, but I’m a tad better of than I was at the end of week 5.

This brings me to one of the reasons that assignment hasn’t been completed. My hand. Specifically my right hand. I have had issues with it for as far back as I can remember. Numbness in the hand and up the arm is one of the reasons I originally quit being a hair stylist (that can the fact that it was so the wrong job for me). It has been a minor issues since than. During the course of this Artists Way journey, I’ve discovered that I work best creatively when I am doing it by hand. Take away the computer, my phone, give me a sheet of paper and a task and I am far better at completing it. Not only do I complete it but it is done way better than if I had struggled through doing it on my computer. This has made me super happy, until this week when it all caught up to me and my hand would not function. I could not hold a pen, I lost all feeling up to my shoulder. This made it very hard to complete the things I set out to do. It also gave me a physical reason not to do those things, instead of “I’m just being lazy”.

To fix this, I’ve decided on a few things. First, I need to fix my physical body. The best way to release the nerves in my hand is through daily foam rolling. I start with a ball on my feet, foam roller for my legs, butt, and back. Back to the ball for my shoulders, arms, neck and head. Finally end with a wine cork for my hands. Doing this has to become a daily task as it allows the nerves in my hand to release, so I can write or play video games as I need to. Second I need to take some pressure off my right hand. To do that I need to start utilizing my left. It can do all the same things as my right, and the only reason it doesn’t or isn’t as good at it, is practice. So within my morning pages, I want to start doing half to a full page left handed, until it can keep up a bit better with my brain. The eventual goal is for my left hand to fully take over on my morning pages.

This week was abundant in figure this shit out Angela, so you can get on to the things you want.

The Artists Date

The Ice Cream Adventure

Michael’s Frozen Custard. I have been here once on the fourth of July (see day 185) and I’ve also been to one of their other locations (last years day 244). I didn’t realize that until the morning we were headed out and even though this was suppose to be new places, I decided to roll with it because I really wanted to go out on the lake. Lake Wingra is right beside it and this summer I’ve been spending a lot of time out on it. This day was no different. My friend and I met up, spending two hours kayaking around chatting, then grabbed our ice cream. A perfect way to spend a hot summer afternoon.


This week I had no aerial classes. A sad thing to be sure. I did not want to spend the week not working out and moping around wishing for aerial. So I decided to task myself with doing something when I should have had class. To start, one of the lovely people I take lyra with, decided to take advantage of not having class on Wednesday and go to the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra Concerts On The Square. They invited Kevin and I along and supplied dinner. It was lovely to hang out with them and a few of their friends, enjoy good food and music. Also it was just nice to be outside with people. I know it’s summer but a lot of the things I do, end up with everyone inside. It is beautiful in Wisconsin and I need to take advantage of that more often. So on Friday, I sent out a messaging asking if anyone wanted to go kayaking. Another aerial friend said yes and we headed out. However Wisconsin had an excessive heat warning and we weren’t sure if it was a good idea to go out. But we did and we spent three and a half hours out on the water. Part of that was in the shade but some was out in the middle of the lake. It was fantastic and lovely and I didn’t end up sunburned! When Kevin and I went the next morning, it actually felt hotter than on Friday. This week was definitely a success when it came to pushing my boundaries and I am so glad I was open to all of it.

Weekly Tasks

Oh boy am I struggling with the weekly tasks. I feel like the tasks overall are great for someone who hasn’t stopped to smell the roses in a long time. For someone who has forgotten to live with intention. Now I am not saying that I am great at living with intention, I’m not, but picking out five rocks or pressing five flowers are no longer once in a while tasks I do. They are everyday occurrences. They are and have been part of my healing since we moved here almost four years ago. Heck a lot of this weeks tasks are things that I’ve learned to do over those years and have helped open me up to who I am now. I can’t clean out more things from my apartment because I’ve cleaned out all the things I want or they aren’t my things to clear out (because Kevin is allowed stuff too). I’ve had a dream image file for years now (it’s called pinterest). I signed up for Hello Fresh to bring in some creativity for food, we have financial goals. Life is abundant and now I just feel the need to dive in and get a little more focus. That’s where I need this book to lead and if it doesn’t lead there, it’s what I need to figure out.

And so dear reader, if you’ve made it this far thank you. I’d love to hear your thoughts? Have you worked through the Artists Way before? What do you think of my solutions to some of the problems mentioned in my morning pages? Or the creative weekly tasks that she has set out?

And so, when it comes time for us to choose between a cherished dream and a lousy current drudgery, we often choose to ignore the dream and blame our continued misery on God. We act like it’s God’s fault we didn’t go to Europe, take that painting class, go on that photo shoot. In truth, we, not God, have decided not to go. We have tried to be sensible-as though have any proof at all that God is sensible-rather than see if the universe might not have supported some healthy extravagance.”
— Julia Cameron

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