The Artists Way

A continuation of last weeks conversation regarding the book the Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

Week 7: Recovering a Sense of Connection

We turn this week to the practice of right attitudes of creativity. The emphasis is on your receptive as well as active skills. The essays, exercises, and tasks aim at excavating areas of genuine creative interest as you connect with your personal dreams.

Morning Pages

Day 43 Tue - 2 pages.
Day 44 Wed - 3 pages and an exercise.

  • Probably due to my sleep but I wrote an extra 2 pages in between Wed and Thu.

Day 45 Thu - 3 pages.
Day 46 Fri - 3 pages.
Day 47 Sat - 2 pages and the tasks.
Day 48 Sun - 2 pages.
Day 49 Mon - 3 pages.

The Artists Date

It is hard to articulate this week. I feel the need to redo it. Just say great and repeat the whole chapter, tasks, and the artists date. Because Sunday night my brain chemistry took a dive. I am unsure if this is due to my period, though as this year has progressed I’ve been linking certain things to that time of the month, but into the pool of depression I landed. No sleep, food was a struggle, and it was too much effort to people. I am very lucky to be in a situation where I don’t have to people often. I took the time I needed to just be home by myself and recover. Recovery looked like cancelling the ice cream adventure, not going to game night, and minimal participation in my paid for classes. This was not ideal at all but it is what happened.

In the middle of the week Kevin was also sick. When he’s home sick we tend not to do smart things. In this case playing a video game for far too many hours without proper breaks or food and we both walked away wondering why we allowed ourselves to do that to ourselves. It’s not a thing that happens often. In fact I would say it’s the first time it’s happened in a good two years. For the most part we play a lot of video games but it is far from the only thing we do or the most frequent thing we do.

It is important to take breaks. Sometimes those breaks don’t turn out how you expect and that’s okay. They are still deserved. Personally I have to allow the depression to ride though and accept it for what it is. It doesn’t rule my life and it doesn’t ruin my week. It just changes how it looks and that’s okay.

I did however start a new notebook half ways through week 7. It’s a strange feeling to have filled a book completely. I am wishing my new one was black but they didn’t have black. Hopefully they will for the next one. And cheers to a new week.

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