The Artists Way

A continuation of last weeks conversation regarding the book the Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

Week 9: Recovering a Sense of Compassion

This week finds us facing the internal blocks to creativity. It may be tempting to abandon ship at this point. Don’t! We will explore and acknowledge the emotional difficulties that beset us in the past as we made creative efforts. We will undertake healing the shame of past failures. We will gain in compassion as we reparents the frightened artist child who years for creative accomplishment. We will learn tools to dismantle emotional blocks and support renewed risk.

Morning Pages

Day 57 Tue - 3 pages and an exercise
Day 58 Wed - 3 pages
Day 59 Thu - 3 pages
Day 60 Fri - 3 pages
Day 61 Sat - 3 pages
Day 62 Sun - 3 pages
Day 63 Mon - 3 pages

The Artists Date

The Ice Cream Adventure

It’s strange how well my ice cream adventure lined up with the 12 weeks of the Artists Way. What didn’t line up was my timing. At the end of summer I wrote a blog post outlining all the places we visited during the ice cream adventure. This is stop 7, Rollicious Creamery, you can read about it here.


Synchronicity a term I learned through this book and at the end of each chapter during the check-in, Cameron asks if we have experienced any that week. And each week I roll my eyes and write no. But I can’t do that this time. With the reading of this book I’m finding that my goals are become focused. Instead of lofty things for the maybe future. I am zeroing on things, making action plans, and implementing them. Part of this means that I am questioning certain aspects of my life and sometimes those questions bubble out of me only to be thrown at the person I think can best answer them. In general, I feel like this always happens at the worst time possible and I always worry that I am overstepping. Sometimes though you have a great teacher who doesn’t seem to mind the interruption. In this case, I had a ton of questions regarding my aerial sling practice and how to move forward. My teacher answered them while prepping for class and then went above and beyond, getting me permission to practice at the one space during free swing time. It means supervised time on the apparatus without being taught and gives me a chance to practice the art on my own. Her doing this, and I mean this in a good way, forced me to make a decision I’ve been humming and hawing about for the past two months. Decisions been made, money exchanged, it’s set in stone and things are moving forward. It’s rather scary. I would say this hit me upside the head and made me make a change that’s going to not only take me out of my comfortable little bubble but change a lot of my day to day life. It’s gonna be hard and worth it.

Weekly Tasks

Once again the weekly tasks got harder. I am not sure how I feel about this one though. About two weeks ago I finally felt okay with never rereading anything I had written within the morning pages. I was at peace with that decision and then this week, that’s the first task. It’s not just a simple reread though. It’s a take two colored markers, one to highlight actions and the other to highlight insights, and go through all that you have written so far. I have always known this but there is nothing quite like reread your own words to realize how whiny you actually are, but I’ll come back to that. My highlights were a tad different from what she requested, as usually I decided to add more to the task. The highlights were broken down like this;

  1. actions

  2. insights

  3. therapist

  4. blog

As I was writing, I have always in the back of my head thought that all the words would eventually be made into a blog post, which is why I struggled with initially not reading them. With the task to reread, I figured I’d highlight things that I wanted to blog first and go from there. However it turns out that there is very little I actually want to blog about. My morning pages are either whining about something (sometimes about having to write three pages) or working out a solution to an issue. It also turns out that if it was something I’d either already turned it into a post or no longer found it important. There were some exceptions and those will eventually get turned into something, but it was far fewer than I thought. The part that was huge however, was the therapist highlight. It turns out I have a lot of things I think I need to talk to someone about directly and that is very interesting. It’s something I’ve been putting off but I think it’s time I actively start looking for a therapist again.

The rest of the tasks were hard to do as well. I am not much of a collage person beyond my pinterest and I do that frequently enough that it’s not unusual for me to be visualizing my goals. I also have been slowing working on prioritizing my goals, naming them, and laying out a plan. So I don’t feel that those tasks were really required or were already met. The U-Turns however were hard and I am still unsure of how to figure out what my U-Turns on.

This chapter was one that I seriously considered rereading and continuing to focus on. It also aligned with Kevin’s vacation so reading the next chapter felt like a struggle while he was home. I haven’t quite made that decision as of writing this. So stick around to see what I decided next week.

Well dear reader, if you’ve made it this far thank you. I’d love to hear your thoughts? Have you worked through the Artists Way before? What are your thoughts on synchronicity?

Be really whole
And all things will come to you.
— Lao-Tzu

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