The Canada Trip

On October 15th, Kevin and I made an exciting phone call to his parents. That morning arriving in the mail were two envelopes with our permanent resident cards (for the rest of this post called PR cards). These two hard pieces of plastic represented a change in our immigration status. The biggest being our ability to travel easier out of the United States. That phone call was to see if we were wanted back for Christmas and of course, we were.

Our last day in Canada was on October 1, 2015. That’s 1,195 days since we had seen everyone together. Now technically we’ve seen some throughout the years we’ve been gone. Kevin’s Dad came 2016 and we explored Chicago with him. Kevin’s Mom was part of our Idaho adventure in 2017. However we haven’t seen them together since we left. Ironically I did not manage to get a picture of them together.

We booked a trip and it began December 21st bright an early. The cab picked us up for 6:30am. We made it to the Madison airport easily and through security quickly, stopping by the breakfast place in the airport for food. Soon enough the plane was called and we had landed in Minneapolis by 11:30, which left us 15 minutes to catch our next flight. We ran to the other side of the airport and arrived just in time to hear the flight attendants offering $600 to not take that particular flight. It’s always tempting to take the offer because that’s a fair bit of money. When it hit $800 we both had to debate it even more, however we have no trips planned for 2019 and we had people waiting to pick us up on the other side. So we didn’t. Maybe next time we will. We were shuffled onto the flight and took off. The flight itself was nothing interesting, however getting off the plane was an experience. We walked into the Calgary airport going into lockdown due to a security threat. We spent an hour in the hallway while security and Calgary police searched ensured everyone’s safety. Turns out it was just a musical instrument. There’s some irony coming from the US, where shootings are a common occurrence to Canada where they are not.

My bestie Cat picked us up and we headed out to see her new house and spend the night. The next morning was our first appointment for the day, with tattoo artist Jeff at Outlaw Tattoo. Then it was off to Lethbridge.

Lethbridge is where Kevin grew up and I spent a good portion of my teen years. We lived in three different places together there and while it’s a good small town we were both happy to move to Calgary. Coming back is always interesting and after such a long time I figured there’d be some changes and there was but so minor that it wasn’t that big of a deal. Lethbridge drivers are still terrible and slow, the roads are all the same, and the people I know there are all happy, which I think is the most important part. We spent the majority of our days with Kevin’s family, though we did pop out and hang out with a few friends. Due to travelling we asked for no presents and we said we weren’t bringing any presents. It wasn’t completely true but the presents we did bring weren’t super big and were purely just so I could take this photo.

The planning for this photo began in Vegas when we saw the shark socks at the Shark Reef Aquarium. From there it was all about finding the right socks for each person. We didn’t get it completely right, but we did pretty good. Also for group photos giving everyone something to do and focus on makes the process so much easier.

We bowled, played a lot of cards and video games, did a lot of visiting, ate a lot of good food. The thing with travelling is you have such a small amount of time to pack everything in. You take so many pictures that will mean nothing to anyone except the people in them and you. It’s all memories you will treasure.

It was a good but short visit to Canada and though we did no new exploring, we did lots of memory making. Happy to have been but also happy to be home. I miss the people and maybe the water but that was about it.

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